Shahdag Mountain Resort

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Shahdag Mountain Resort
Ski Lift in Shahdag
Ski Lift in Shahdag
LocationMount Shahdagh
Nearest major cityQusar
Top elevation2,100
Base elevation1,435
Skiable area126Ha
Lift system12 Lifts

Shahdag Mountain Resort is Azerbaijan's first and largest winter resort.[1][2]

Ski Lift Working in Shahdag


Shahdag Slopes and Shahdag Hotel & Resort

The Shahdag Mountain Resort Complex (Şahdağ Turizm Merkezi) was open to the public in 2012. It is located in the Azerbaijan's Greater Caucasus range, the site is located near Shahdag National Park, which is known for having an intact ecological system and an untouched flora and fauna.

It is the first and largest ski resort in Azerbaijan.[3] Plans for the project include 10-12 3 star hotels, golf-clubs, 160-180 cottages, Aqua Park and other objects (places for living of employees, car parks, workshops for technical works etc.) in the complex.[4]

Technical Specifications[edit]

View of Mountains from Hotel Shahdag
Ice Bar Shahdag
Shahdag Snow Gun Working
Snowgrooming machines Shahdag
Stamp of Azerbaijan Ski
Shahdag in the summer
Shahdag in the summer

The winter season in Shahdag begins in the second half of December and finishes at the beginning of April, depending on snow conditions. In the website of Shahdag the opening information is constantly updated for every season.

Main Developer[edit]

Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Azerbaijan) / The Administration of Shahdag Mountain Resort


PGI Management

Elevation differencere[edit]


Passenger capacity[edit]

11.400 skiers/hour

Skiable area[edit]

  • 128Ha
  • 16,8 km skiable


12 Lifts

  • 1 8-person Gondola
  • 3 4-seats detachable grips chairlift Chair Lift
  • 1 4-seats fixed grips chairlift
  • 2 Platter Lift
  • 5 Magic Carpets


14 Slopes:

  • 5 green
  • 5 blue
  • 4 red

Produced snow[edit]

  • 160 snow guns guaranteeing 100% of the resort's skiable area

Free style[edit]

2 Free style areas / snow parks

Ski School[edit]

There are 3 Ski and Mountain School with national and international instructors

  • Lift Base
  • Shahdag Hotel & Spa
  • Pik Palace

Kids Club[edit]

Kindergarten / Kids Club

  • Lift Base/ Zirve Hotel
  • Shahdag Hotel & Spa

Rescue and medical service[edit]

There is a rescue service in all of the slopes and a Medical Centre at Lift Base

Winter activities[edit]

There are Winter Activities Area at Lift Base including Segway, Snowmobile, snowshoing, quads for kids, etc.

Shop and Rentals[edit]

  • Lift Base
  • Shahdag Hotel & Spa
  • Pik Palace
  • Main Square


Currently there are 5 Hotels opened. Current hotel beds in Shahdag Mountain Resort:

  • Shahdag Hotel & Spa (346 beds)
  • Zirve Hotel (86 beds)
  • Gaya Residence (62 beds)
  • Pik Palace (334 beds)
  • Park Chalet (328 beds)

Total 1.156 beds


20 Restaurants, caffés and bars:

  • At Lift Base: Tez Bazar, Illy Café, Hot Dog Stand, Pizza Shop
  • Zirve Hotel: Lezzet, Rahat Bar, Nefes Barbeque
  • Shahdag Hotel & Spa: Miras Restaurant, Xezine Bar, Menzere Bar & Restaurant, Ovdan Spa Bar and Ice Bar
  • Gaya Residences: Alov Restaurant, Kulekli Barbeque
  • Pik Palace: Fujisan Asian Restaurant & Bar, Alpina brasserie and Wine Bar, Chocolat
  • Park Chalet: Aspen Grill, Lounge and Bar and Mocca Cafe

SPA and Wellness[edit]

4 SPA, Wellness and Fitness Centres:

  • Gaya Residences: Fitness Centre
  • Shahdag Hotel & Spa: Ovdan & Fitness Centre (3.000 m2)
  • Pik Palace: SPA, The Club Fitness Centre (1.700 m2)
  • Park Chalet: SPA, The Club Fitness Centre (543 m2)

Conference Centres[edit]

There are 3 Conference Centres located in:

  • Shahdag Hotel & Spa
  • Zirve Hotel
  • Pik Palace


There are 7 Car Parks:

  • Outside parking – At Lift Base
  • At Lift Base
  • Shahdag Hotel & Spa
  • Shahdag Main Hotels Square
  • Pik Palace
  • Park Chalet
  • Gondola Parking

Shahdag in the Summer[edit]

Bouncy Castle in Shahdag
Nordic Walking & Trekkings in Shahdag
Paint Ball in Shahdag
Segway in Shahdag

Shahdag Mountain Resort offers a wide range of activities to suit all ages during the summer, from an Adventure Park, to inflatable castles and quads bikes to Nordic walking and even Orienteering.

List of summer activities[edit]

  • Chair Lifts
  • Mountain Segway
  • Bob Karts
  • Trotinettes
  • Zip Lines
  • Paint Ball
  • Mountain Bike
  • Children Quad
  • Adventure Park
  • Horse Ride
  • Inflable Castle
  • Nordic Walking & Trekkings
  • Mountain Challenge

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