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Shahen Zinavori Meghrian (Shahumiani Ardziv, "Eagle of Shahumian",[1] January 2, 1952, Gulistan, Azerbaijan SSR – April 17, 1993, ibid.) was an Armenian military commander and political activist.[2]

Meghrian was born in a traditional and well-known Armenian family of Gulistan village. He finished the local school of Gulistan, then continued his education at Yerevan State University. After graduation Meghrian became the chief economist of manufacturing and production in the Shahumian region. In 1988 he formed the first Defense brigade of Shahumian. In 1990 Meghrian successfully led the Battle of Manashid.[1] In the summer of 1991 he became the commander of the Shahumian defense forces. Since December 28, 1991 he was also a member of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic National Assembly. After the forced deportations of the population of Shahumian region of NKR Meghrian had a speech that ended with words: "Shahumian is occupied, but isn't won"![1]


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