Shahkot, Pakistan

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Chak 84/88
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab
Capital Shahkot
Union councils UC # 17 and 18
 • MNA Chaudhry Muhammad Barjees Tahir[citation needed]
 • MPA Rana Muhammad Arshad[citation needed]
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC+6)
Area code(s) 056

Shahkot (Urdu: شاہكوٹ‎), is a town and tehsil in the Nankana Sahib District of Pakistan. The town has a population of about 500,000.[citation needed]

Shahkot is on the Lahore-Faisalabad highway. The town is connected by road to Sangla Hill, Chak Jhumra, Salarwala, Jaranwala, Safdarabad and the district capital Nankana Sahib. The town is situated in center of Faisalabad and Sheikhupura. Shahkot is about 95 km west from provincial capital Lahore and 45 km east from Faisalabad. Postal code is 39630.

Shahkot is famous for unique hill point which is unique place as Shahkot is situated in center of Punjab which is too far from mountains range. Darbar of Baba No Lakh Hazari is also situated in Shahkot who came here hundred of years ago and became reason of spread of Islam. Few people believed that famous hill was brought here by him. But Hindu religious follower believed that this hill is brought here by their gods accidentally when their god delivering Hamalya mountain to Arabian Sea. Shahkot is one of the main industrial hub in the region. The most important personalities of the city is Peer Abdual Sattar Rahat and Master muhammad akram shah( served 35 years in departement of education.).

Coordinates: 31°33′42″N 73°29′15″E / 31.56167°N 73.48750°E / 31.56167; 73.48750