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Shahkot is located in Punjab
Location in Punjab, India
Shahkot is located in India
Shahkot (India)
Coordinates: 31°05′N 75°20′E / 31.08°N 75.34°E / 31.08; 75.34Coordinates: 31°05′N 75°20′E / 31.08°N 75.34°E / 31.08; 75.34
Country India
 • TypeMunicipal Council
 • Total16.27 km2 (6.28 sq mi)
209 m (686 ft)
 • Total25,449
 • Density1,600/km2 (4,100/sq mi)
 • OfficialPunjabi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code01821
Vehicle registrationPB 67

Shahkot (Punjabi: ਸ਼ਾਹਕੋਟ) is a city and a tehsil among 5 tehsils of Jalandhar district, Punjab, India. Shahkot is situated on Jalandhar-Moga National Highway 703 (Old NH 71). Shahkot is administered by the Municipal Committee. About 250 villages belong to Shahkot tehsil. Shahkot is famous for its red chilli peppers. Red roofs are a common site in Shahkot during chilli producing season.[1]


Shahkot is located at 31°05′N 75°20′E / 31.08°N 75.34°E / 31.08; 75.34.[2] The region has an average elevation of 209 metres (688 feet). The Pin Code of Shahkot is 144702. Shahkot is now both a subdivision and a tehsil.


As of the 2011 Indian census,[3] Shahkot has population of 25,449. The population is 53% male and 47% female. Shahkot has an average literacy rate of 83%, which is higher than the Indian national average of 59.5%. Literacy among men is 85.50% and female literacy is 80.50%. In Shahkot, 12% of the population is under 6 years of age. Hinduism and Sikhism are the predominant religions with 60% of the population registering as Hindus, 39% registering as Sikhs and 1% of other religions. Shahkot is near the Sutlej river which divides Doaba and Malwa.

About 25 years ago, to go from Doaba (the region between Sutlej and Beas rivers ) to Malwa (the region between Sulej and Guggar Rivers) one had to go by motor-bus via Ludhiana or by crossing the Giderpindi Bridge via Makhu. A bridge, called "Sh. Udham Singh Bridge", was built on the river Sutlej on Kanwan wala pattan, and by this it became easier to get to Duaba and Malwa. The town of Shahkot is situated about 6-7 kilometres away from this bridge(towards the Jullundhur side).[relevant? ][citation needed]

Shahkot took about three centuries to take its present form. Three centuries ago, this was a deserted place. In 1700 A.D. a Mohammedean Saint named Sayyad Satt Shah Sadni inhabited this place. He named this town "Shahkot" after his name. In those days, the families of Khuda Bakash Arayan, Hayyat Gujjar and Jann Mohd flourished here. These mohamaddeans did their best to make this land cultivable. About one century later Badesha Jatts took hold of this town.[citation needed]

About two hundred years ago, a person named Amrika(Badesha Jatt) from village Dhianpur (Amritsar) inhabited the village kang(sardar wala kang) on his maternal Dheri which is situated about 10-12 kilometers away from Shahkot, Amrika had three sons. One son named Sujan Singh was killed when he went to capture, Nakodar. Two sons Maan Singh and Daan Singh joined Tara Singh Gaiba. In those days Gaiba was a popular personality of Shahkot, They took hold of Shahkot and adjoining villages. After sometime all ancestors of Daan singh died. But ancestors of Maan Singh and Sujan Singh accepting the dominance of Maharaja Ranjit Singh kept hold on Shahkot and Dharamkot.[citation needed]

Accordingly, to the views of some people, They were called the Gumashatas of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The British took over Shahkot and change it into a Jagir, there were 22 villages in this jagir including "Dhandowal". The ancestors of Maan Singh inhabited in village Dhadowal. Narain Singh s/o Gurbux Singh Grandson of Sujan Singh became the Zaildar of Shahkot. S.Bhoop Singh grandson of Maan Singh was issueless. He had four wives. The fort in which they lived was called "Womens Fort". These widows were given 1200 rupees annual pension by the British Govt. Dalip Singh s/o Gurbux Singh remained Sub-Registrar as well as zaildar of Shahkot. Next Kishan Singh Grand Son of Dalip Singh became Zaildar of Shahkot. The British honoured him with the title of "Sardar". He was always given a seat in the Darbar of the British.[citation needed]

The families of Badesha Sardar S.Balbir Singh Badesha, famous poet Fatahjit, Hardev Singh Peeta are inhabited at Shahkot now.[citation needed]

Before 1947, Shahkot and adjoining villages had main Muslim population, During partition, like this rest of the Punjab, the sad event which occurred here are narrated by the elders with heavy hearts. During communal riots some Hindus and Sikhs looted the Mohamadans leaving for Pakistan. Aslam, of nearby village Mianwal along with other Mohammadans, burnt 7 villages of Hindus or Sikhs. At last he was killed by a mob. According to the elders, the school in Nangal Ambia(near Shahkot) was called Islamia School before partition. Chowdhary Mohmmad became the working President of Pakistan for sometime. River Satluj flowed just near shahkot some time past, Now-a-days it flows about 6 or 7 kilometers far from Shahkot.[citation needed]

Shahkot has given birth to many famous personalities. Among these some were born at Shahkot some inhabited here from outside. Among poets, Pushap shahkot and Fatahjit are well known. Who doesnot know Dr Shadi Ram Behl and his son Dr. Ashok Kumar Behl of Shahkot, he got education in allopathy(M.B.B.S) from Calcutta University in the year 1920 and was the first converted homoeopath of north India he was also a freedom fighter of first order, he started his clinic "Dr. Shadi Ram Behl's Multispeciality Clinic" at jalandhar which is still serving people since 1925, Puran Shahkotee and Bibi Nooran? In wrestling Mehardin won the title of Rustam-e-hind or Hind Kesri and became internationally known.Sh. Jagir Nahar is a player and coach of volleyball of the national level. S.Davinder Sinh Ahluwalia president of Yuwa Shakti Punjab, is connected with many national and international Institutions. The famous comedian writer Sher Jang Jangli has close relation with Shahkot. The poet Josh Malsiani inhabited Malsian only 5 kilometers away from Shahkot.[citation needed]

According to the census of 1991, the population of Shahkot was 10240 and it got in the status of Sub-Division. Shahkot is on its way to progress. The building of I.T.I. is being built. The Railway Station is 2-3 kilometers away from here and it connects ludhiana-ferozepur. The Government has decided to upgrade the Rly.Station. The Govt. middle School(Nimman Wala School) is a century old and it has not been upgraded until now.[citation needed]

Famous for its chillies in all over India this town falls in the Lohian Constituency. The people here are politically awake. S.Balwant Singh, who was taken as the brain of the Akali Dal, became Finance Minister of the Punjab after winning from here, S.Brij Bhupinder Singh Kang Became the Home Minister of the Punjab.[citation needed] Jathedar S.Ajit Singh Kohar 3 time cabinet minister of Punjab in S.Parkash Singh badal 's cabinet And a Senior Shiromani Akali Dal leader in Doaba,He Hold several portfolio in sardar badal govt in 1997 he was made minister of state for agriculture and then in 1998 he was sworn in cabinet and holding the portfolio of jails,defence services,freedom fighters,elections And then in 2007 he was made minister of revenue and rehablation and disaster management and then in 2012 he was made minister of transport, legal and legislative affairs, elections and employment generation minister punjab, after winning elections from here is the minister of the Punjab.[citation needed]


Shahkot is one of the 117 legislative areas of Punjab.Ex Defence Services Jail Agriculture Election Legal And Legislative Affaris Employment Generation Transport Minister Punjab Late Jathedar [Ajit Singh Kohar] is the Former member From This legislative assembly constituency.Jathedar Ajit Singh Ji Kohar Sahab Was Regularly Win From This Constituency From 1997 2002 2007 2012 2017 Hold The Record For 21 Years.Jathedar Ajit Singh Ji Kohar Sahab Was Also Hold The Position Of President Of Shiromani Akali Dal District Jalandhar (Rural) From 1987 To 2018.

Notable people[edit]

  • Late Jathedar Ajit Singh Ji Kohar Sahab Was Ex Cabinet Minister In Punjab Government.He Hold The Portfolios Of DefenceServices,Jail,Agriculture,Election,

Legal And Legislative Affaris,Employment Generation,Revenue And Rehablation, Transport Minister Punjab.He Is The Former member From this legislative assembly constituency.Jathedar Ajit Singh Ji Kohar Sahab Was Regularly Win From This Constituency From 1997 2002 2007 2012 2017 Hold The Record For 21 Years.Jathedar Ajit Singh Ji Kohar Sahab Was Also Hold The Position Of President Of Shiromani Akali Dal District Jalandhar (Rural) From 1987 To 2018.

  • Jathedar Charan Singh Ji Ex Chairman Market Committee Shahkot
  • Dr. Shadi Ram Behl first M.B.B.S doctor of Punjab
  • Gulzar Singh Thind Ex Chairman Market Committee Shahkot and Ex MC Shahkot
  • Mehardeen, a famous Wrestler (Kushti Pehlwan) of Punjab.
  • Tarsem Lal Mittal, Vice President of Punjab Technical University.

Prominent Social worker Mr. Davinder Singh Ahluwalia, Chairman, Social Empowerment and Welfare Alliance and Chief Patron, Youth Welfare Club(r), Shahkot, Chief Advisor, Patarkar Association Punjab .Producer Gopi Shahkot,revenge records

Dr. Naginder Singh Bansal, Senior Press Reporter

Gian Saidpuri, Azad Singh, Sonu Mital, Ranjit Bahadur, Pritpal Singh, Sukhdeep Singh, Padam Ji, all Senior Press reports of Shahkot


There are many educational institutions situated in Shahkot i.e.


  • State Public School
  • Ramgarhia Public School
  • Divya Jyoti Public High School
  • St. Manu's Senior Secondary School
  • St. Jude's Convent School
  • Public Senior Secondary School
  • Govt. Girl High School
  • Govt. Elementary School
  • Govt. Primary School
  • IELTS Planet
  • Mata Sahib Kaur Khalsa College
  • Kerala English Academy (IELTS/Spoken English)
  • NGO'S
  • . Youth Welfare Club( R ) President Rajatt Uppal, Nirog Yog Sanshtaha President Rattan Singh Rakhrra,
  • UNESCO Club President Harpreet Singh Ahluwalia,
  • City welfare Club President Rakesh Agg.

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