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For other uses, see Shahu.
Shaho Mountain (6).jpg
Shaho means place of King
Highest point
Elevation 3,390 m (11,120 ft)
Location Paveh_County Kermanshah Iran
Parent range Zagros Mountains
Easiest route westen front
A view from inside the car Shaho Mountain

Shaho (Central Kurdish: شاهۆ Shāho‎) is a mountain of the central Zagros Mountains range. It is located in the district of Hewraman, and Kermanshah Province, western Iran.

This area contains notable villages such as Hajij, Pirshaliar and Shamshir

'Shaho' is a rather popular male name in the Kurdish speaking cities of Iran.

Bears, foxes, jackals, wolves, pigs, rabbits, antelope and Partridges are usual animals of this mount.


Coordinates: 35°06′N 46°24′E / 35.1°N 46.4°E / 35.1; 46.4 (Shaho, Iran)