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Shahpur, Shapur, Shahpoor, or Shahapur (Persian: شاه پور‎‎) may refer to:


  • Shapur (name), Persian given name and a list of people with the name



Iran (Persia)[edit]

  • Shahpur, former name of Salmas, capital of Salmas County, West Azerbaijan Province
  • Shapur cave, in the Zagros Mountains near Bishapur
  • Shahpur Jan, village in the Central District, Shiraz County, Fars Province
  • Shapur-Khwarrah, administrative division of the Sasanian province of Pars
  • Shapur Rural District, in the Central District, Kazerun County, Fars Province
  • Bandar Shahpur, former name of Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni, city in Mahshahr County, Khuzestan Province
  • Jundi-Shapur or Gundeshapur, intellectual center of the Sassanid empire


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