Shahram Jazayeri

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Shahram Jazayeri
Shahram Jazayeri2.jpg
Born 1972
Residence Tehran، Iran
Citizenship Iranian
Children 3

Shahram Jazayeri (Persian: شهرام جزایری عرب‎‎) is an Iranian entrepreneur and businessman involved in a high-profile corruption case with several officials of the Islamic republic. He was also involved in fabrication of official documents. He had close ties with several high-ranking reformist[1] clerics.[2][3]

Jazayeri was taken into custody in 2001, at the age of 24, for a long-list of criminal activities involving bribery, illegal exports, forgery and massive embezzlement of state money and assets.[4] At this time, as a student in Tehran, his personal wealth was approximately $264,000. The cases of Jazayeri raised questions about the Iranian government's commitment to deal seriously with corruption. Jazayeri was convicted in 2002 in a major corruption case involving 50 defendants, many of them sons of prominent clerics. In September 2004, his 27-year prison sentence was partially overturned, and he was occasionally released from prison on leave.[5]

Jazayeri paid huge amounts of money to the Iranian members of parliament. He confessed to paying about $15,600,000 to Hadi Khamenei, the Iran Supreme leader’s reformist brother, and about $5,800,000 to Mehdi Karroubi, former Majlis speaker without requesting anything in return.[1] He was reportedly arrested after he sent a check worth $35,000,000 to the office of Supreme Leader of Iran.

On 21 February 2007, Iran's Special Judicial Complex for economic affairs declared that Shahram Jazayeri has escaped, while being transferred to a court-assigned financial expert committee. There was suspicion of governmental involvement in his scape as it was assumed unlikely to scape from such prisons without assistance.[6] Hossein Shariatmadari of Kayhan newspaper wrote an article supporting the theory that those clerics were trying to cover-up the case.[1] Following the escape controversy, the head of Judiciary, Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, fired a number of those responsible in the case, including the head of Evin prison and a few judges, and ordered an opening of a case in the military court for the judges.[7] On March 19, 2007 Iran's head of intelligence agency confirmed that Jazayeri was arrested in an unnamed location in the Arabian Peninsula. His hiding location is said to be a remote village in Oman and handed over to Iranian authorities.[8]

In 2007, an Iranian newspaper reported that, unlike ordinary prisoners in Iran, Jazayeri had access to a laptop and two mobile phones and is living in luxury in prison and continued his business works overseas.[9]

In February 2007, Jazayeri was sentenced to 61,861,200 US dollars and 14 years of prison. In year 2008 he was seen several times in Dubai.[10]

After 11 years,on Friday October 11, 2014, Jazayeri was released from prison at the age of 42.[11][1]


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