Kamran Shah Durrani

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Shahzada Kamran Durrani
Ruler of Herat
Tenure1829–Early 1842
PredecessorMahmud Shah Durrani
SuccessorYar Mohammad Khan Alakozai
Herat, Durrani Empire
DiedEarly 1842
IssueNader Mirza[1]
HouseSadozai dynasty
FatherMahmud Shah Durrani
ReligionSunni Islam

Kamran Shah Durrani was born in the Sadozai dynasty. He was the son of Mahmud Shah Durrani, grandson of Timur Shah Durrani[2] and the great grandson of Ahmad Shah Durrani,[3] the founder of the Durrani Empire. He was deposed and killed in early 1842, by his vizier Yar Mohammad Khan Alakozai.[4]


After Timur Shah's death in 1793, Afghanistan fell apart into multiple pieces. Eventually Mahmud Shah took the throne in 1809 and had as vazir Fateh Khan Barakzai. In April 1818, Fateh Khan conquered Herat for Mahmud but he got out of favour with him and thus Mahmud Shah and his son accompanied by allies repaid Fateh Khan's services by having him brutally assassinated in 1818. After the assassination of Fateh Khan Barakzai, the fall of the Durrani Empires had begun. Thus, after a bloody conflict, Mahmud Shah was deprived of all his possessions except Herat. The rest of his dominions were divided among Fateh Khan's brothers. King Mahmud Shah Durrani died in 1829. Herat was then after ruled by Kamran Shah. In Early 1842, he was deposed and killed in Kohsan on the orders of his Vazir Yar Mohammad Khan Alakozai. Most of his family migrated to Quetta in British India.[5]

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