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Sheikhdom of Shaib
مشيخة الشعيب
State of the Federation of South Arabia

18th century–1967
Location of Sha`ib
Map of the Federation of South Arabia
Government Sheikhdom
Historical era 20th century
 •  Established 18th century
 •  Disestablished 1967

Shaib or Sha‘ib (Arabic: شعيب‎‎ Shu‘ayb), or the Sheikhdom of Shaib (Arabic: مشيخة الشعيب‎‎ Mashyakhat ash-Shu‘ayb), was a state in the Aden Protectorate, South Arabia. The area is now part of the Republic of Yemen.


The Sha`ib Sheikhdom was established at an uncertain date in the 18th century. After becoming a British protectorate, it eventually joined the Federation of Arab Emirates of the South as well as its successor, the Federation of South Arabia. [1] Its last sheikh, Yahya Mohamed Al-Kholaqi Al-Saqladi, was exiled in 1967 upon the founding of the People's Republic of South Yemen. He died in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in July 2001.


The rulers of the Sha`ib Sheikhdom had the title of Shaykh Sha`ib.[2]


  • c.1850 - 1880 Mani` al-Saqladi
  • 1880 - 1915 `Ali ibn Mani` al-Saqladi
  • 1915 - 1935 Mutahhar ibn Mani` al-Saqladi
  • 1935 - 1948 Muhammad ibn Muqbil al-Saqladi
  • Aug 1948 - 1954 Kassem ibn Mused ibn Ali al-Saqladi
  • 1955 - 30 Mar 1963 Yahya ibn Muhammad al-Saqladi
  • 1963 - 7 Jul 1965 Nashir ibn `Abd Allah al-Saqladi (d. 1965)
  • 10 Jul 1965 - Jun 1967 Yahya ibn Mohamed Al Kholaqi al-Saqladi

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