Shaikh Rajada

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Shaikh Rajada
Shaikh Rajada is located in Pakistan
Shaikh Rajada
Shaikh Rajada
Location of Shaikh Rajada in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°10′24″N 74°15′25″E / 32.173275°N 74.256828°E / 32.173275; 74.256828Coordinates: 32°10′24″N 74°15′25″E / 32.173275°N 74.256828°E / 32.173275; 74.256828
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Gujjranwala
Tehsil Gujranwala[citation needed]
Elevation 229 m (751 ft)
 • Total 2,000
Time zone UTC+05:00

Shaikh Rajada, also spelled Shaikherjada, is a village on Pasroor Road in Gujranwala District in West Punjab (Pakistan), with a population of around 2000. It is said that the village is named after a person Shaikhu. He has three other beothers named Pandu, Gagard and Azam so the sarounded villages are named after them i.e. Gagarke, Pandupur, Thata Azam Khan respectively. The village is predominated by the Jatt people of Buttar community/clan. It is located at 32°10′20″N 75°15′30″E / 32.17222°N 75.25833°E / 32.17222; 75.25833.[1][2]


The villagers are mostly Muslims by religion and Punjabi is the mother tongue of the area.


The village has two Govt. Primary Schools for boys and girls separately. However, since it is near to the city 50% of children are getting their education from the main city's school. The literacy rate of the village is nearly 60%.


The main source of income of families here is agriculture. Nearly 70% of population is, directly or indirectly, affiliated with agriculture. Main crops of the village are Rice/Wheat and strawberry. Being near to the main city Shaikh Rajada is growing very fast in terms of population. Moreover, the village is exposed to brick factories operating all around the village emitting black carbon. Black carbon is alleged to be one of the significant contributors to premature deaths and effects the crops of the village.


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