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Classification Muslim, farmers, Shaikhs
Religions Islam
Languages Hindi and Urdu
Populated States Uttar Pradesh India and Sindh Pakistan
Subdivisions none

The Shaikhzada are a Muslim community found in the Uttar Pradesh state of India.[1] Many members of the Shaikhzada community migrated to Pakistan after independence, settling in Karachi and Sindh.

History and origin[edit]

Present circumstances[edit]


They are found almost entirely in Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Moradabad, Rampur, districts.

In Muzaffarnagar District, they are found in the towns of Khatauli, Charthaval, Kandhla, Kairana jhinjana Purquazi and Thana Bhawan.,[2] while in Saharanpur District, they are found mainly in Deoband, Nanauta, Rampur, Gangoh, Titron and Nakur.

A large number of Shaikhazada have also emigrated to Pakistan, especially those from Thanabhawan and Charthaval. More than half of Hakim Sadaruddin's family and other Shaikhzadas from Charthaval and members of the Thanvi family from Thanabhawan, had migrated to Pakistan Karachi after independence of India. They now form part of the Muhajir ethnic group.

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