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Babich Shaikhzada Muhametzakirovich
Babich Shaikhzada lived for only 24 years
Born Bashkir: Шәйехзада Мөхәммәтзәкир улы Бабич
(1895-01-14)14 January 1895
Asyanovo, Birsk county, Ufa Governorate, Russian Empire
Died 28 March 1919(1919-03-28) (aged 24)
Zilair, Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR
Occupation poet, writer and politician
Ethnicity Bashkir
Citizenship Russian Empire
Alma mater Galia (madrassas), Ufa
Notable works

Ballad "The Bug" (1916)
The poem "Gazaz" (1916)

The cycle of epigrams "Kitabennas"

Shaikhzada Muhametzakirovich Babich (Bashkir: Шәйехзада Мөхәммәтзәкир улы Бабич) (1895-1919) was a Bashkir poet, writer and playwright.

He was born on January 14, 1895, der. Asyanovo Birsk Ufa Governorate (now Dyurtyulinsky District of Bashkortostan). Classic Bashkir national literature. Member of the Bashkir national liberation movement, one of the members of the Bashkir government (1917-1919).


Born in the village Asyanovo, Birsk county, Ufa Governorate, Russian Empire. Place of the Bashkir-patrimonial Kuyukovoy Kanlinskoy parish (now Dyurtyulinsky District of Bashkortostan).[1] Primary education in his native village in the madrassas from his father Muhametzakir - Orenburg governor appointed Mullah Asyan mahalallah. In 1910, he went to the Kazakh steppes, taught children Kazakhs.

In the 1911–1916 years. studied in madrassas "Galia" in Ufa. While a student, S. Babich deeply became interested in literature, participated in the literary and musical circles, published in the manuscript journal madrassas "Parlak." After graduation, he went to the Troitsk, worked as a teacher, at the same time worked in the magazine "Akmulla."

The summer months in 1917 are located in Ufa, then moved to Orenburg, where at first he worked in the satirical magazine "Carmack" ("Rod").

Since the autumn of 1917 S. Babic party Bashkir movement, the Secretary of the Bashkir regional (central) shuro (Council) of the Autonomous Bashkurdistana, editor of the newspaper "Bashkort", the head of the youth organization of the Bashkirs Тулҡын(" Wave ").

In 1918-1919 he worked as a war correspondent in the Bashkir troops.

The only book of poetry in his lifetime S. Babic "Blue songs. Young Bashkortostan "was released in 1918 in Orenburg.

February 25, 1919 appointed employee of the department of the Bashkir Soviet press Bashrevkoma.

March 28, 1919 during the transition to the side of the Bashkir Army Red Army Shaikhzada Babich was brutally murdered by the Red Army in the village of Zilair Zilairsky District BASSR.


  • "We"
  • "In memory of Amir Karamysheva"
  • "Prayer Warrior"
  • 'Poetic appeal to the Bashkir people about the agreement with the Bolsheviks "(1919).
  • "Hyyalbay"
  • "Reconcile"
  • "For the sake of the people" (1914)
  • "In the fight hold a short life" (1915, ed. 1922)
  • "Open eyes, brave!"
  • "Kura"
  • "Proofreaders and typesetters'
  • "Long live the workers!" (1917)
  • "Socialist traitors"
  • "Oh, the book"
  • "I'm Unhappy"
  • "Our Garden"
  • "Rain, lei!"
  • "Complaint"
  • "Long live the working!"
  • "Gift of Freedom"
  • "Partial similarity"
  • "Spring Song"
  • "Beauty"
  • "My Angel"
  • "Flower Garden Names"
  • "Violin"
  • "Mandolin"
  • "Suddenly"
  • "Hasten"
  • "Two Shakirds"
  • "Edification (to himself)"
  • "Efendi Gabdulla Tukaev"
  • "A goat and a pig"
  • "Stop shutting up ..."
  • "Soul"
  • "Sadness"
  • "Songs" Gaul ""
  • "They say"
  • "The Conscience and ambition"
  • "Regret"
  • "On the Death Tukaya"
  • "The Waiting Song"
  • "Do not compare?"
  • "Impromptu"
  • "You sent, aunt ..."
  • "In a depressed state"
  • "In the blissful state"
  • "The river flowed towards ..."
  • "For the People"
  • "One Minute"
  • "Prosperity and knowledge"
  • "Greed - the devil"
  • "The rich man and the poor man"
  • "Kol not in my chest ..."
  • "On the moon ascended"
  • "According to ..."
  • "The Bat"
  • "Confusion of thought"
  • "Forward, my nation!"
  • "Sorrow of the Poet"
  • "Give me liberty ..."
  • "Lament drunkards"
  • "Impromptu"
  • "I am!"
  • "Those years"
  • "Flour"
  • "In a moment of despair"
  • 'Tips'
  • "Spring Holidays"
  • "In memory of the Honorable Khazret Sunchaleya"
  • "Timer my blessing '
  • "My Angel"
  • "The World"
  • "Waiting"
  • "Who?"
  • "Goose (Childhood Memories)
  • "Days Past"
  • "The allegorical verses (the tenth madrassas" Galia ")"
  • "The Voice"
  • "Flown"
  • "Winter Road"
  • "The Awakening (Memories of boyhood)"
  • "Blessed day (Memories of Summer)"
  • "I - a genius"
  • "Song of Joy"
  • "Six Years"
  • "In the darkness of life"
  • "Happiness"
  • "Allah or Iblis"
  • "I know, Mahmut ..."
  • "After the Haiti"
  • "Toothless Girl"
  • "For whom?"
  • "Flowers"
  • "Silent Night (In the village)"
  • "Near the nightingale, that in a cage"
  • "The Girl"
  • "All gone"
  • "The inscription on the tomb of the young poet"
  • "I want"
  • "I was walking without a trace ..."
  • "The scene of our life"
  • "Bayamo"
  • "Through the window of the frozen ..."
  • "Go, Sabiya!"
  • "Aklima"
  • "Beaver hats give ..."
  • "Shamsikamar"
  • "My soul!"
  • "The Metamorphosis of a Muslim"
  • "The Triumph of critters"
  • "Gift of Freedom"
  • "Bloody Shadow"
  • "Mulla"
  • "War"
  • "Waiting"
  • "Hey, Bolshevik!"
  • "The orgy of doom"
  • "Fake socialist"
  • "I'm alive and well ..."
  • "Kryvosheya my ..."
  • "List of number-one"
  • "Red calls"
  • "Soil"
  • "In response to a letter from another soldier"
  • "I am strong!"
  • "Cud bitter words"
  • "Songs Demskoi coast"
  • "The hour of departure"
  • "Songs"
  • "Inflating the sea ..."
  • "I'm at the station ..."
  • "Who does what?"
  • "Holiday"
  • "Trays"
  • "The right leg and left leg"
  • "Carry"
  • "Clouds hang ..."
  • "The military march (to the tune of the song" Squadron ")"
  • "Enemies"
  • "Love"
  • "Two swans"
  • "Day 2 of January"
  • "Spring Song"

Other works[edit]

  • Ballad "Bug" (1916)
  • The poem "Gazaz" (1916)
  • The cycle of epigrams "Kitabennas"


  • Shigyrlәr. X. Gosman Koros sүze. - Kasane Tatkitap nәshr., 1958. - 155 b.
  • Һaylanma әҫәrҙәr. - Өfө 1958.
  • In Russian translation: Selected poems. - Ufa 1966.

"I'm waiting"[edit]

Pass a herbalist Bashkir land -

The soul will rush in flight.

I hear a song from a distance Kurai -

My whole being will sing.

Climb up to the highlands to the plain of the Bashkir -

I will open a wonderful world.

But the principality of death, but a dark mountain

I see in the villages of the Bashkirs.

The living dead are smoldering in the grave,

They do not hear the cry of pain,

But the sad tale of the sad villages

Sakmar and bring us Iaik.

And I myself do not know who to curse,

When I look to the Urals.

There will come a time Bashkir edge

Find out and see the dawn?

And it seems that the great and strong,

I keenly listens to the Urals,

And it seems that anxiety disappeared,

And the day flashed, began to play.

It seems to me: the song flies from a distance,

Fly to dispel misfortune

And I believe: I'll wait for the desired period -

And I believe, and I cry, and wait!



Who is he, the formidable Salavat?

What he is famous and rich?

He - the native land damask,

He daring rich!

Neither sleep nor waking

Is not equal to such a lion,

In heaven and on earth

Not equal his arm.

Our Ural - his father.

He - the desire of all hearts.

On the ground - it is the light of the earth,

In the sky the moon glows.

He - the fatherland eyes

He - the invaders storm

Saber mountain he will roll,

Shouted lake scare.

Salavat as our Ural

Never died.

His blood - the covenant alive

We do not profane!