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Shajapur is a town in Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh state in west-central India. It is the head quarters of Shajapur district. in June 2017, large scale farmer's protests took place here to highlight the high rate of suicides taking place among them due to the non implementation of the Swaminathan commission report (1 suicide daily in Shajapur, 1 suicide every 30 minutes in India). As it proceeded, farmers were fired upon by police forces and tear gassed.[1]


Shajapur named after honor of Shahjahan the Mughal Emperor who halted here in 1640. It is said that the original name was Shahjahanpur, which subsequently reduces to Shajapur. When Gwalior acceded to the Government of India after Indian Independence in 1947, Shajapur District, along with the rest of Gwalior State, became part of Madhya Bharat. Madhya Bharat was merged into Madhya Pradesh on November 1, 1956.


Shajapur is located at 23°26′N 76°16′E / 23.43°N 76.27°E / 23.43; 76.27.[2] It has an average elevation of 443 metres (1453 ft).The highest peak is known as bhairo dungri.

Aerialview of Shajapur from Bhairo Dungri


As of 2011 India census,[3] Shajapur district had a population of 1,290,685, with 669,852 males and 620,833 females.

The most common language spoken is Hindi, but people still speak Malvi, a local language similar to Hindi in dialect and script.

Religions in Shajapur
Religion Percent
Distribution of religions
Includes Sikhs (0.2%), Buddhists (<0.2%).


The town contains numerous places of interest including:

  • Sonaniya Bheru Maharaj temple is situated in Araniya kalan (town in Kalapipal block).
  • The Raj-Rajeshwari Temple is one of Famous Shakti Temple Sculpture of temple is about 10th century A.D. Age of Parmars. It is situated near the A.B, Road. It is estimated to have been built between 1007 and 1009 by Raja Bhoj. Mangal Nath Temple is behind the Raj Raeshvari Temple and near the Bank of Chillar River.
  • The Karedi Mata temple, which was built by Karan (MAHABHARATa)(15 km From District HQ situated In UJJAIN-Shajapur District Boundaries)"mahakaleswar temple" is situated in "sundersi". It was from ancient time.sundersi is a historical the honor of 'sunderbai"sister of "maharaja vikramaditya"this place is known as "sundergarh'.
  • The old fort near the bank of the Chiler river built by the Mughal Emperor. The fort used to contain the district court but it is now home to the Central School of Shajapur.
  • Pale wale Baba ka Mandir (Khardon Kalan) & mata Vijyasan Mandir (Lasudliya Patla) are at 110 km from Shajapur.
  • Pandu Kho (Near LalGhati) where Pandwas (Mahabharat) stayed during their Vanvas.
  • Bapu Ki Kutia is situated near collectorate at AB ROAD shajapur (Temple & Samadhi)
  • Muradpura Temple (Old Famous Temple of God Hanuman)
  • Mankamneshwar Mahadev Temple (Kumharia Khas) is very old Temple of God Shiva.
  • Baba Baijnath Temple (Agar) is 70 km from District HQ.
  • Mata Baglamukhi Temple (Nalkheda) is one of the shakti peeth in India and a very famous temple of Nalkheda tehsil(now in newly made district. AGAR).
  • Nityanand Ashram is situated at AB Road Shajapur
  • bhairo dungri. it is a high mountain peak and having a temple at the top.
  • Fort, and jama masjid.
  • mazare-e-sherif, the famous mazare is situated near at kashinagar shajapur.
  • chillar dam is very important place of tourist it is life line of shajapur. It's situated village sanpkheda.
  • Iklera mataji is the famous temple situated at iklera.
  • Ballon is the famous temple situated at ballon pond.
  • railway station berchha is connected directly with ujjain,indore, bhopal,etc.
  • Famous temple of God Hanuman is situated at bolai.
  • Famous temple of Baba Ramdev Ji Maharaj is situated at khatsur.
  • Famous temple of Ilahi Mata Ji is situated at Village MADANA.
  • Famous Kamdhenu Gau-Shaala is situated at Village MADANA, which is having more than 200 cows.



In popular media[edit]

In the opening scenes of the popular yesteryears Hindi film Shree 420, the protagonist (Raj Kapoor) finds a road crossing showing the direction to three places, of which one is Shajapur. The other two are Dewas and Bombay.[6]


Madhya Pradesh district location map Shajapur.svg
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