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Shaji Chen
Shaji Chettan New.jpg
Kattappana, Kerala
OccupationWriter, Actor

Shaji Chen (also credited as Shaji and Shaji Chennai) is a writer and film actor from South India. Shaji's main area of writing is music and cinema related. Shaji writes in Tamil, Malayalam, English languages and acts in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films.


As a writer he is known for his music and film related write-ups and autobiographical articles. His various articles have published in The Hindu,[1] Times of India, India Today, AV Max, Ananda Vikatan,[2] The Hindu Tamil,[3] Uyirmmai,[4] Kalachuvadu,[5] Theeranadhi, Vikatan Thadam, Kaalam, Kumkumam, Puthiya Thalaimurai, Sunday Indian, Andhimazhai, Padachurul, Bhashaposhini, Chandrika Weekly, Kalakaumudi, Malayalam Vaarika,[6][7] Mangalam Daily, Mangalam Annual,[8] Deepika Daily and others.

His articles in the series Music Beyond Words were translated to Tamil by Tamil writer Jeyamohan as Sollil Adangaatha Isai. Published in the Tamil literary magazine Uyirmmai, this was a popular column in the Tamil serious literature. Another Tamil writer S. Ramakrishnan has also translated many of Shaji’s articles to Tamil. After the first few years of these translations Shaji started writing directly in Tamil. In 2016 a complete collection of his music related articles was published by Vikatan Publications.[9][10]

His column named Paattinappuram (Beyond the Song), was published in the Malayalam weekly Chandrika. His first Book in Malayalam, 'Paattalla Sangeetham', was released[11] by Malayalam publisher Green Books.[12] Many of his Malayalam articles are published in the notable literary magazine of Malayalam, Bhashaposhini[13][14][15] and his article series named Cinema Bhraanthinte Naalpathu Varshangal (40 Years of Cinema Craze) was published therein for one year in 2017-18. Portions from this series were also published as shorter chapters in Malayala Manorama Online.[16] His article on popular Malayalam music composer Devarajan[17] is well known in Kerala. As a music critic, Shaji appeared in national dailies such as The New Indian Express,[18][19] and others. His monthly column in Tamil 'Cinema Veriyin 40 Aandukal'[20]' is currently published in Vikatan Thadam Magazine.

Shaji has also worked in the advertising industry for many years providing story lines, scripts, jingle lyrics and translations and he also acted in some advertisements. He has written many advertisement films and ad campaigns.[citation needed] He worked for brands such as Ford, Saint-Gobain Glass, South Indian Bank,[21] Muthoot Fincorp, Nippo[22] and others.[citation needed]


Title Language
Sollil Adangaatha Isai (Music Beyond Words)[23] Tamil
Isaiyin Thanimai (The Music of Solitude)[24] Tamil
Isaiyin Oliyil (In The Light of Music)[25] Tamil
Isai Thirai Vaazhkai (Music, Movies and Life)[26] Tamil
Shaji Isai Katturaikal Muzhuththokuppu (Shaji Writings on Music Complete Collection)[27] Tamil
Paattalla Sangeetham (Music is not Mere Songs)[28] Malayalam


In September 2013 Shaji Chen acted in the acclaimed Tamil film Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum[29] (A Wolf and a Lamb) directed by Mysskin, as the pivotal character CBCID Lal. Then he acted in the Tamil film Maan Karate as the boxing coach of the hero, Sivakarthikeyan.[30] Aaranyam[31][32] was his next Tamil film. He made his Malayalam film debut with the Vineeth Sreenivasan film Aby.[33] Thupparivalan[34](Tamil) / Detective (Telugu)/ Dashing Detective (Hindi) directed by Mysskin, Spyder (Telugu &Tamil)[35] directed by A R Murugadoss and Savarakathi written and produced by Mysskin and directed by his brother G R Aaditya followed. In Thupparivalan / Detective/ Dashing Detective , he acted as the crucial character ACP Vijayakumar. This film was later dubbed into Hindi as Dashing Detective. In the film Spyder, he portrayed the role of Intelligence Bureau Head, Mathews. In Savarakathi he played the cameo of a mentally ill person. Kanne Kalaimaane directed by Seenu Ramasamy, and Psycho directed by Mysskin are his forthcoming films.

Selected filmography[edit]

Career in music industry[edit]

Shaji Chen has worked with Indian and international music companies such as Magnasound, Saregama HMV and others in various capacities such as Artistes & Repertoire Manager, Recording Manager, Marketing Manager and Music Consultant.

Voluntary work[edit]

Shaji Chen is the Trustee in South India for the Salil Chowdhury Foundation of Music formed in the name of the notable composer of Indian popular music.[36] He also represents Ritwik Ghatak Memorial Trust[37] in South India.[38][39] He has also been the Judge of Sujatha Ilakkiya Viruthu, a Tamil literary award instituted in the name of the Tamil writer Sujatha.[40] Shaji Chen is an advocate of informal education for children and the rights of special children.[41] He is also a supporter of sustainable nature farming and native food culture.[42][43]

Personal life[edit]

Shaji Chen was born in Kattappana, Idukki District, Kerala near the Tamil Nadu border. He lives in Chennai with his wife and daughter.


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