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Character information
First appearance 2000 AD Prog 2002 (December 2001) (2001)
Created by Robbie Morrison
Henry Flint
Publication information
Publisher Rebellion Developments
Schedule Weekly
Formats Original material for the series has been published as a strip in the comics anthology(s) 2000 AD.
Original language English
Publication date December 2001 – present
Main character(s) Shakara
Creative team
Writer(s) Robbie Morrison
Artist(s) Henry Flint
Letterer(s) Ellie De Ville
Annie Parkhouse
Creator(s) Robbie Morrison
Henry Flint
Editor(s) Andy Diggle
Matt Smith
Collected editions
Shakara ISBN 1-904265-61-8
Shakara The Avenger ISBN 1-905437-88-9

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Shakara! is a comics character appearing in the British magazine 2000 AD, starring in their own eponymous story, who was created by Robbie Morrison and Henry Flint.


The story is technically set in the present day (the first episode briefly shows a contemporary Earth; it is destroyed on the first page, and the last human in the universe, a survivor from the International Space Station, is ignominiously killed on the third), but revolves around a host of bizarre aliens using very advanced technology.

In the first series little is explained about the lead figure other than it is nearly indestructible, seeking out and destroying other aliens for reasons unknown. In the second series the character is shown to be some kind of liquid being encased in the suit. By the third, it becomes clear that 'Shakara' is an instrument of vengeance created by a now-extinct race of the same name, although the being is beginning to think for itself. Shakara is eventually killed by Cinnabar Brenneka, the legendary warrior who first united the Shakara in their conquest of the galaxy to cleanse it of corruption,and then allied with his former foes to destroy the Shakara, disgusted by their own descent into decadence.



All installments are written by Robbie Morrison and drawn by Henry Flint.

  • Shakara!:
    • Shakara: The Avenger (trade paperback, 160 pages, January 2009, ISBN 1-905437-88-9) collects:
      • Shakara (in 2000 AD Prog 2002 & #1273-1279, 2001-2002, hardcover, Rebellion, 56 pages, 2005, ISBN 1904265618)
      • "The Assassin" (in 2000 AD #1441-1449, 2005)
      • "The Defiant" (in 2000 AD Prog 2008 & #1567-1573, 2008)
    • Shakara: The Destroyer (trade paperback, 160 pages, August 2012, ISBN 9781781080382) collects:
      • "Destroyer" (in 2000 AD #1650-1661, 2009)
      • "Avenger" (in 2000 AD #2011, 1715-1727, 2011)


Paul Scott and Ben Clark have created 3 Shakara Photo-stories that are available online from 2000 AD's website.