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Star and Crescent Monument
Crescent and Star Monument.jpg
Star and Crescent Monument near the start of Shakarparian
LocationIslamabad, Pakistan

Shakarparian(Urdu شکر پڑیاں) (also known as Shakarparian Hills) is derived from two words from the Potohari language, Shakar - meaning "sweet", and Parian from Parao - meaning a place to rest, or stop over - layover during long journeys. It consists of a hill and a local park in Islamabad, Pakistan.[1] Park is located near the Zero Point Interchange. Pakistan Monument is located in the Shakarparian. The old Gakhars tribe leaders settled here before Indo-Pak partition 1947; later the clan was relocated to create a park for Newly marked federal capital of the country in 1960-61.[2]

Shakarparian also has a Parade ground which host the Pakistan Day Parade every year on 23 March.

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