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Shake, Rattle & Roll (film series)

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Shake, Rattle & Roll
Directed by Various
Produced by Athena Productions (1984)
Regal Films (1990–2014)
Written by Various
Starring Various
Regal Films
Regal Multimedia Inc.
Reality Entertainment
Ignite Media
Distributed by Athena Productions
Good Harvest Unlimited
MAQ Productions
Regal Films
Country  Philippines
Language Filipino and English and other Philippine language[disambiguation needed]

The Shake, Rattle & Roll film series is a Filipino horror anthology film series dating back to 1984. It is currently produced by Regal Films. Most of the series are official entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival with the exception of the sixth installment which premiered in January 1997. The title is solely based on the song of the same name.

This horror film franchise, which is currently owned by Regal Films, is the Philippines film series with the most movie installments. The first installment was released under the defunct Athena Productions while all the succeeding series are produced by Regal Entertainment. As of 2015, there are fourteen installments of the movie series.

The latest installment, Shake, Rattle & Roll XV, was released on Christmas Day on December 25, 2014 at the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival as one of many official entries at the event.


Shake, Rattle & Roll (1984)


  • Cast: Joel Torre, Rey PJ Abellana, Arlene Muhlach, Rosemarie Gil, Tony Carreon
  • Director: Emmanuel H. Borlaza
  • Writer: Jose N. Carreon

Three friends deiced to perform a spirit of the glass in an abandoned house. Everything was working well until the spirit escapes through the glass and brought the three characters into past. They discovered their identity from the past which leads to a horrifying revelation. Each of them plays a certain role in their previous lives which haunts the rest of them.


Virgie's family just moved into a new home with a mysterious refrigerator. Lorna knows that the refrigerator has a ghost on it. The victims were attractive females and Virgie has no idea that she will be the next victim. The refrigerator is luring the females that gets near to it, will Virgie manage to stop it or end up dying as well?


  • Cast: Herbert Bautista, Irma Alegre, Mary Walter, Peewee Quijano, Pen Medina
  • Director: Peque Gallaga
  • Writer: Uro Dela Cruz

Douglas is a teenager in a faraway province. A manananggal is said to live within the vicinity and is out to eat people. He is given the task by his grandmother to kill these creatures. Having to found a way to prevent it from rejoining the other half of its body, he must now survive the night to protect his family from the creature's ferocious attacks. This story is one of the most popular and suspenseful episodes of the entire series. Herbert Bautista's role won him the Best Actor award at the 1984 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Shake, Rattle & Roll II (1990)


Cathy and Mari are newlyweds spending their honeymoon in Baguio. Soon after, Mari wears a mysterious ring; apparently belonging to a murderer. Once the ring's worn, it was irremovable. Finally, the murderer's ghost takes hold of Mari and takes his next victim.


An obsessed witch falls in love with the handsome Bogard. In return, she casts horrendous voodoo spells on him. He then seeks help from his friend Tiffany to defeat the witch and reverse the spell. In the end, the Witch turns into a frog.


  • Cast: Manilyn Reynes, Ana Roces, Aljon Jimenez, Anjo Yllana, Richard Gomez, Vangie Labalan, Rez Cortez
  • Directors: Lore Reyes & Peque Gallaga
  • Writer: Peque Gallaga, Lore Reyes & Don Escudero

A barkada spend an outing in an eerily quiet town (Dueñas) of a faraway province (Iloilo) whose inhabitants are all vampires. Ana Roces plays the host as she tricks her best friend Portia (Manilyn Reynes) because on their fiesta, townfolks must eat a virgin for their celebration to be completed. Will Portia escape before she gets consumed by the townfolks? This was inspired by the urban legend of Tiniente Gimo in Dueñas, Iloilo.

Shake, Rattle & Roll III (1991)


Tanya is a mother who is aware that there is something wrong in her house which is the color orange. An old spirit has entered her home and is after her baby. Can she save her baby before it is taken away?


  • Cast: Janice de Belen, Gina Alajar, Subas Herrero, Armida Siguion-Reyna, Cris da Luz, Pen Medina, Inday Badiday, Joel Torre, Lucy Quinto, and Christopher Balase.
  • Directors: Lore Reyes & Peque Gallaga
  • Writers: Don Escudero, Lore Reyes & Peque Gallaga

This episode reveals the story of two sisters who no longer speak to each other. Unfortunately, Roselyn just got word that her Ate Rowena died in the province. Soon, Roselyn discovered that Rowena has returned from the dead in a zombified state. When she returned to the province, a young boy told her that her sister was brought back to life at a mansion owned by Dr. Redoblado, a cult leader and his wife, both devil worshippers.


A sea creature called an Undin avenges the loss of her eggs by killing anyone that disturbs them in the ocean. One by one, a group of friends are killed mercilessly by the mother Undin as she deposits acidic saliva onto their bodies. Maloy (Manilyn Reynes) is one of the girls who has to find a way to bring back the remaining eggs to its mother before she strikes again.

Shake, Rattle & Roll IV (1992)


Mr. Zerrudo is the newest teacher at Jodie's school. Unfortunately, Jodie discovered that her heartthrob professor transforms into a hideous monster. Jodie must find a way to undo the transformations before the school becomes the monster's prey.


One by one, the children who play at a neighborhood park are abducted by a Witawit, monstrous-looking creature who lives in the park’s trees. Little Nikkie and yaya Tising try to get to the bottom of the mystery and rescue the abducted children.


A homeless family and their neighbors in the city of Manila are plagued by attacks from a Manananggal. A little boy named Teks suspects a nun working at a free clinic, to be that flying creature but no one believes him. Will he be able to prove his suspicions before he becomes the creature's next victim?

Shake, Rattle & Roll V (1994)


A couple takes a vacation on a secluded island and strange forces are at work that seems to keep them on that island. When her boyfriend suddenly grows ill, Ruffa Gutierrez finds a handsome young man (Monsour del Rosario) in the woods who seems to exhibit magical powers. He offers to cure her sick friend on one condition that she stay with him forever. Will she accept any foods from that handsome man to save her loved one?


A family of siblings moves into their new apartment but little did they know of a tragedy that occurred within its walls. A ghost of a murderer manifests itself in a form of a shadow and has now set its sight on them. They need to leave that house before they were killed.


  • Cast: Manilyn Reynes, Tom Taus, Chuck Perez, Don Pepot, Michelle Ortega, Archie Adamos, Nonong de Andres, Lilia Cuntapay, Romy Romulo
  • Director: Manny Castañeda

Two rich bickering siblings are kidnapped and taken to an old abandoned hotel to await for the ransom for their release. What they do not know as do the kidnappers that the hotel they have entered is home to an impakto and it is feeding time. Will the siblings stop bickering and work together to survive two threats on their lives?

Shake, Rattle & Roll VI (1997)


With her parents always fighting, a neglected child named Jen finds solace in watching her brand new TV. A clown appears on the TV screen and invites her into his world. When she refuses, the clown comes out and forcibly takes her into the TV. Will her parents even notice that she is gone?


The ghost of Mauro was the only connection between three teenage girls. The ghost of the boy haunts the main bridge leading out of town, thus, luring motorists and involving them in accidents. The three girls must take action immediately to put the boy's soul to rest


Marlon is an ordinary student on a campus. Unfortunately, mysterious deaths began and suspicions flew through the air that the culprit was a girl named Luna who was transforming into a monster during a full moon. However, the girl falls in love with Marlon. Together, with his sidekicks Ricardo Emil and Robert they must investigate these deaths. The question ponders Marlon: will his love prevail for Luna?

Shake, Rattle & Roll 2k5 (2005)

The horror series returns in 2005 with more use of special effects and less of prosthetics. It is again part of the Metro Manila Film Festival, but this time, the comeback seem to fail audiences in giving the trademark chills and horror sequences.


A rich woman (Gloria Romero) hires a fake occultist (Ai Ai de Las Alas) to contact the spirit of her late grandson (Marco Alcaraz). Mysterious deaths began immediately so with her partners-in-crime Jay (Rainier Castillo), Frida (Jenine Desiderio), Lucas (Biboy Ramirez) and Layla (Yasmien Kurdi)the maid of old woman, they must solve the mystery behind these deaths, along with the mystery of the poso in the backyard.


Janice (Ara Mina) and Benjie (Ogie Alcasid) along with their only son (Paul Salas) transfer into a cozy condominium with an antique and eerie-looking aquarium. Soon, this aquarium kills everyone who came near it. Can the couple stop the terror of the aquarium?


Rene (Mark Anthony Fernandez) and his pregnant wife (Tanya Garcia) settled in a remote province to begin their married life. Unfortunately, Aswangs inhabit this place and are hungry for the flesh of Rene's unborn child. Can they escape from the "aswangs" before eat they them?

Shake, Rattle and Roll 8 (2006)

The 8th installment of the horror-comedy series, Shake, Rattle & Roll and the 5th appearance of SRR Queen: Manilyn Reynes (SRR 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8).


A group of party organizers find themselves called to arrange a children's party at the 13th Floor of a new condominium. Notwithstanding superstition, they go on and give it their best, but realize they got more that what they bargained for when the party takes a different turn.


Benjo (Nash Aguas) is a prankster and a very mischievous kid. After sending many nannies away, his mother Grace (Sheryl Cruz) hired another nanny named Cecil (Iza Calzado). Moreover, he suspects that his new nanny is an aswang. On the advice of his teacher Mel (TJ Trinidad), he must do everything to save his little sister and family.

This Episode is similar to the episode "YAYA" from the 3rd Installment.


Thirteen passengers took the last trip of the Light Rail Transit at almost midnight. To make things worse, the train stopped right in the middle of an abandoned train station, and with no means of communication, they have no ways to get into the street below. Worse, a mutant heart-eating eyeless monster pursuits them all and hunts them one by one. Will help arrive in time to save them?

Shake, Rattle and Roll 9 (2007)

SHAKE, RATTLE and ROLL 9 features three stories and marked the 3rd appearance of Gina Alajar in the franchise (Shake, Rattle & Roll III, & IV), and the second of Tonton Guttierez (Shake, Rattle & Roll VI), Eugene Domingo (Shake, Rattle & Roll VIII), Roxanne Guinoo (Shake, Rattle & Roll VIII) and Nash Aguas (Shake, Rattle & Roll VIII).


After the death of her husband (Tonton Guttierez), Myrna (Gina Alajar) decided to spend the Christmas vacation with her brother Jong (John Prats) and her Mama Susana (Boots Anson-Roa). Together with her children Stephen (Nash Aguas), Hazel (Lovi Poe) and Eunice (Sophia Baars), they gathered for their grand Christmas reunion. Meanwhile, the Christmas tree in the living room gazes upon them and waits for the right time to turn every family member into its grand Christmas feast. The family must struggle together to stop the Christmas Tree before they fell prey to it.


Marionne (Roxanne Guinoo), a young and beautiful woman, falls in love with Jerome (Dennis Trillo). Soon, she was warned by a mysterious woman (Eugene Domingo) that if she sleeps tonight, she will never wake up. Additionally, Jerome was engaged to a woman named Florence (Pauleen Luna). Seeing this, Marionne practices a spell: a spell that killed her and Jerome, conjuring a red-cloaked phantom and chasing Jerome, Marionne and Florence in their nightmares. In the end, Jerome and Marionne were trapped in the nightmare zone, never returning in the living world. And Marionne said AKIN KA!!"


A teenage band headed for a gig in a remote province was lost in a thick forest. With their bus out of gas, they were stuck in the middle of the forest. Vince (Mart Escudero) and his co-members took refuge in an abandoned resort. Unknown to them, they have trespassed into the territory of an alluring and beautiful engkanto (Katrina Halili) and has now cast a menacingly deathly spell upon them.

Shake, Rattle & Roll X (2008)


A pregnant woman (Mylene Dizon) was accidentally hit by an ambulance car that killed her unborn child. Soon after, hospital patients disappear one by one. Along with her husband (Wendell Ramos), they seek the truth. Jay (JC De Vera), Sarah (Ms.Roxanne Guinoo) and the other hospital "tenants" must warn others about the aswang's terrible rampage. Will they be able to save the others in time?

It is highly similar to the 2009 Philippine horror movie Patient X.


Ten students spend the night inside their campus in preparation for an exhibit as a requirement for their graduation. Unfortunately, their exhibit has been haunted by the ghost of a nun, Sister Maria Belonia (Jean Garcia), who has come back for a terrible oath she had done in the past: to kidnap three girls from the group, in order to complete a picture of her class, with three students missing. Can Joy (Kim Chiu) and Louie (Gerald Anderson) stop the nun from destroying their exhibit and killing their classmates?


Nieves is the town's famous and well-loved Engkanto Slayer. After the tragic loss of her husband Adonis (Mike "Pekto" Nacua), Nieves (Marian Rivera) resigns from her post as Engkanto Slayer. When strange and unexplainable attacks began to strike the whole town, Nieves is forced to resume her job as Engkanto Slayer. She, together with her slayers in training: Junie (Robert Villar) and Kaycee (Jennica Garcia) must team up to save the townsfolk from the murders. But everything begins to turn ugly as Kaysee is revealed to be Acacia (Diana Zubiri), Nieves's rival for Adonis. Soon a confrontation occurred between them that leads to Acacia's death and the restoration of peace at the townsfolk.

Shake, Rattle & Roll 11 (2009)


A young interim doctor in a rural hospital, Claire (Maja Salvador), has encountered a female patient in suspicion of carrying a deadly flu virus. It turns out that the girl is not sick but rather possessed by a demon which later transferred into Claire's body and began to take control of her. Father Ronnie (Mark Anthony Fernandez), Claire's former boyfriend, was tasked to do the exorcism and save Claire from the demon.


Kayla (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Harold (Zoren Legaspi) are engaged. One day, Kayla takes hold of an old wedding gown, which is seemingly unused for years. Shortly after the gown was bought, tragic events followed. It seems that the gown springs to life and begins torturing and haunting the couple and killing some close friends. Kayla and Harold must fight the spirit inhabiting the gown before their wedding plans are eventually ruined.


Sheila (Jennica Garcia), along with her friends, decided to camp in a seemingly desolated forest. To everyone's surprise, the others destroyed the anthills found on the camping site. Unknown to them, the anthills were the lairs of vicious dwarf-like creatures, the "Lamang Lupa", and as a consequence of their actions, they were hunted down one by one. They must escape the camping site immediately before the Lamang Lupa massacres them all.

Shake, Rattle and Roll 12 (2010)


Still grieving from the death of her mother, young Abigail (Elijah Alejo) found a half-buried ragged doll on a burial mound in the cemetery. Her elder sister, Anna (Shaina Magdayao), begins to experience strange occurrences in their household upon bringing the doll home. Believing it was her "Mama Doll", Abigail refuses to throw it away. Anyone who stands in the way to separate the "mother doll" and its "daughter" will be massacred into pieces.


Three young female tourists and their companion set afoot on a secluded island from the outside for a vacation. With no ways of communication or escape but through the boat, they have unknowingly landed on the lair of an "Engkanto", who commandeers a group of evil fairies called the "Lambana". To make matters worse, the Engkanto has set its eyes on one of the girls, Andrea (Andi Eigenmann). She along with Ray (Rayver Cruz), Malay (John Lapus), Belle (Regine Angeles), Ces (Kristel Moreno) and Aira (Niña Jose) must struggle together to escape from the Engkanto's and the Lambana's clutches.


Being a tutor to the children of a local funeral parlor is a hard work for Diane (Carla Abellana), though she needs to work hard for a living. Unknown to her, the children she was tutoring at, Ryan (Nash Aguas) and Sarah (Anna Vicente) were the children of the owners of the "punerarya", whose owners were actually cadaver-eating, shapeshifting cannibals starving for the innards of myriads of corpses. With the fact revealed the "punerarya" is used as a front of their devious acts, can Diane escape these people before she falls prey to them?

Shake, Rattle & Roll 13 (2011)


The 13th installment of Shake, Rattle and Roll trilogy will provide you with complex characters and side plot stories mixed with excellent editing. Shake, Rattle & Roll 13 was one of the entries for the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival.


A family transferred into an isolated town where the family man Allan (Zanjoe Marudo) tends with his blind wife (Maricar Reyes) and illegitimate son (Bugoy Carino). Soon they found out that there are extraordinary creatures lurking outside their house that is looking for something they claim that is stolen from them.

The word "Tamawo" is very much close to "Maligno" (a Tagalog word which means monstrous creature); an Ilonggo word.


Best friends Lucy (Kathryn Bernardo) and Shayne (Louise delos Reyes) enters inside a forbidden lighthouse. When they reached the top they saw two ghosts causing them to fall down. They survived without scratches and they discovered after the incident that the ghost from the lighthouse followed them. Soon they uncover that the place was haunted by two witches with an unfinished business. It starts to possess them so they can finish what they started.


Mar and Cynthia (Jay Manalo and Eugene Domingo) celebrated their anniversary during the wrath of Ondoy. After the typhoon they closed down their factory and tries to sell it. After some time, unexplainable things started to happen as one by one each of her family members started to die due to drowning. The story unfolds into a much darker hidden secrets they've done in the past that is now haunting them.

Shake, Rattle and Roll Fourteen: The Invasion (2012)

This is the first time of fourteenth installment serves as the Most Independent throughout the entire series for its sole director, Chito S. Rono.

This is also installment features the comeback of Janice de Belen and Herbert Bautista which both starred in past Shake, Rattle and Roll installments, especially Shake, Rattle and Roll I which included both of them but in different episodes.

This is also the first time to have a horror film to use a Rated GP.


An uncle leaves an inheritance to his nephews and nieces. Once the cousins are gathered for the reading of the will, they learn that their uncle does not only leave them a huge amount of money but he also wants them to have his collection of comic books. The cousins soon realize the horrors that the comics are capable of. This was written by Ricky Lee who also wrote the movie "Himala".


A simple military operation, turns into carnage when a group of soldiers encounters an unexplained phenomenon in the jungle. The leader of the platoon, Martin Barrientos (Dennis Trillo), being the last man standing tries to combat his former men, who are now living dead, in one grueling battle for survival.


Hank and Kate, together with others who are holed up in a mall try to escape the sea-animal creatures that appeared following an explosion.

Shake, Rattle & Roll XV (2014)


Troy's wife (Solenn Heusaff) was locked at the clothing room and died after Sarah (Erich Gonzales) killed her. Troy (Jc de Vera) suddenly wakes up after his bad dream on the night he dreamt about the death of his wife.

It's the 25th birthday of Sandra and sweeting celebration of "Alegria Silver Anniversary " and Iggy Moda (John Lapus) just got word that the big snake Sarah is not true. Julie (Melai Cantiveros) is a nasty person who tried to steal clothes. Julie then started complaining about why the line was too long. The sales lady (Mosang) got angry at her so she locked her in the dressing room. When she looked at the mirror, she became suspicious, when she got outside it was Sarah's room.Julie goes back inside the dressing room and when she looked at the mirror, the glasses were thrown at her. She was then eaten by Sarah.

Sarah is in love with Troy in other words she is obsessed. Someone tried to possess unto her body saying that she is not a snake and Troy will never fall in love to her. Jake (Jason Francisco) asked Mang Banjo (Lou Veloso) if he is drunk. Jake said that he is on duty and said that next week they will hang out and they will have lots of girls. Then Mang Banjo steps into the elevator with the key to the room of Sarah. Troy went back home and gets a knife to kill Sarah. Alberto (Ariel Rivera) goes to Sarah along with Sandra and Mang Banjo but Sarah kills Alberto. Troy arrives and hurts Sarah. The snake and Iggy Moda fight until he was thrown into the mirror. Sarah eats Troy but Troy kills her successfully.


In this segment of the horror anthology, a family is being fed by their maid with delicious dishes with unusual ingredients that soon turns them into horrible monsters and ends up killing each other. This episode starring Carla Abellana and Dennis Trillo.

"FLIGHT 666"

A hijacker (Bernard Palanca) terrorizes the passengers of Flight 666. Amidst the chaos, a passenger gives birth to a "tiyanak" (a monstrous creature from Philippine mythology) that soon attacks the rest of the people inside the aircraft one by one. Flight stewardess Karen (Lovi Poe), who has a relationship with Dave (Matteo Guidicelli), together with the help of co-pilot Bryan (Daniel Matsunaga), must save them from this horrifying trip to Hell.