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"Shake It"
Single by Metro Station
from the album Metro Station
B-side "Comin' Around"
Released March 7, 2008
(See release history)
Recorded 2007
Genre Dance-rock, new wave, synthpop
Length 3:00
Label Columbia
Producer(s) S*A*M and Sluggo
Certification 2x Platinum (RIAA)
Metro Station singles chronology
"Shake It"
"Seventeen Forever"
Metro Station track listing
"Shake It"
"Wish We Were Older"

"Shake It" is a song by the American pop band Metro Station, released as the third single (and debut British single) from the group's 2007 self-titled debut studio album. The song impacted radio on April 1, 2008.[1]

It is the band's first charting single, peaking at number ten on the Billboard Hot 100. Internationally, "Shake It" peaked within the top ten of the charts in Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Japan, Austria, Germany and New Zealand. The single was certified Gold by the RIAA on June 13, 2008 and later Platinum that year,[2] until finally reaching 2x Platinum status at the end of January 2009.[3] Metro Station appeared on TRL after the success of the song, serving milkshakes to the members of the crowd outside who could 'shake it' the best.[citation needed]


"Shake It" is a song written in the key of B major with a Mixolydian mode.[4]

Music video[edit]

The music video for the song "Shake It" was inspired by fans who created their own versions of the video, 63 of which the band posted as a playlist on the band's YouTube account. The band has commented that the final product was based on the cult film The Warriors, with rival dance crews in place of gangs. The video features the four band members as they enter a theatre. Once inside the theater, the band performs the song while various dancers compete against each other around the band members. Cameos are made by online celebrity Jeffree Star and vocalist/guitarist Trace Cyrus' ex-girlfriend Hanna Beth as audience members watching the dancers perform. The video ends with the police entering the theatre and forcing everyone out.

Track listing[edit]

UK CD single
  1. "Shake It" (Radio Mix) - 3:04
  2. "Shake It (Lenny B Remix - Extended Version)" - 7:15
  3. "Comin' Around" - 2:40
U.S. Digital Remix single
  1. "Shake It" [The Lindbergh Palace Remix] - 6:25
  2. "Shake It" [Lenny B Remix] - 3:22


Release history[edit]

Region Date Label
United Kingdom (digital download) September 17, 2007 Sony BMG
Ireland (digital download) September 18, 2007 Sony
Worldwide (physical) March 7, 2008 Sony BMG
United Kingdom (physical) March 23, 2008 Sony BMG
Canada (digital download) April 22, 2008 Sony BMG
New Zealand (digital download) June 30, 2008 Sony BMG
North America (physical) August 5, 2008 Sony BMG
Australia (digital download) August 9, 2008 Sony BMG

Use in media[edit]

  • In the soundtrack of The House Bunny and on So You Think You Can Dance Canada.
  • On the evening of April 7, 2008, Disney Channel had a bump that said: Shake It [Metro Station].
  • It appeared on the season eight premiere of American Idol.
  • It is also featured as a downloadable song for the Xbox 360 karaoke game, Lips.
  • It was covered by a Portuguese boy band to be used in Sweet Strawberries (original title: Morangos Com Açúcar) season 7 soundtrack.
  • The song was featured in 90210 when Annie and Ty were on a date in San Francisco.[21]
  • The song can be heard on a recent viral video of a young man's elaborately choreographed proposal to his girlfriend.[22]
  • The song was played during the opening of the episode "When Cougars Attack" of the show The Whole Truth, which first aired on October 27, 2010.[23]
  • In the United Kingdom, the song is featured on a television commercial for Schwarzkopf's Live Colour XXL Shake It Up Foam. The ad premiered on British commercial television networks in December 2011.
  • In October 2013 this song accompanied the Fastrack Ads for watches in India.
  • Lenarr


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