Shakespeare's Villains

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Shakespeare's Villains
Written by Steven Berkoff
Characters One
Date premiered 7 July 1998
Place premiered Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London
Original language English
Genre Anthology

Shakespeare's Villains is a one-man play, created and performed by Steven Berkoff.

Following its first run at London's Theatre Royal, Haymarket (7 July - 8 August 1998) where it was produced by Berkoff's East Productions and Marc Sinden (who also co-directed),[1][2] it was nominated for The Society of London Theatre Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment.[3]

Performed around the world by Berkoff since 1998, the piece explores and analyses Shakespeare’s most villainous characters, including Iago, the Macbeths, Shylock and Richard III – characters who are inherently evil and whose situation leads them to do evil deeds, or who are at the mercy of an evil society.[4]


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