Shakespeare (crater)

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Planet Mercury
Coordinates 49°42′N 150°54′W / 49.7°N 150.9°W / 49.7; -150.9Coordinates: 49°42′N 150°54′W / 49.7°N 150.9°W / 49.7; -150.9
Diameter 370 km
Eponym William Shakespeare

Shakespeare is a 370 km diameter impact basin in the Shakespeare quadrangle of Mercury, which is named after this crater. It is located at 49.7°N, 150.9°W and is named after playwright William Shakespeare. Touching the southwest rim is the smaller Van Eyck (or as van Eyck) crater. In the west rim of Shakespeare is Zeehaen Rupes which has a small ditchlike hollow.

Nearby prominent craters include Strindberg crater to the ENE, Akutagawa to the east, the smaller Mansur to the west and almost to the north is Janáček. Also north is Suisei Planitia and further southeast is Sobkou Planitia.

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