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Shakkazombie is a Japanese rap group consisting of three members (MC Osumi, Tsutchie, and MC Hide-Bowie). They formed in 1994 when Tsutchie joined Osumi and Hide-Bowie who were already making music at the time and released their first single "ShakkAttack" in 95. They are credited for introducing many up and coming artists in their collaborations.

Their song 空を取り戻した日 (Sora wo torimodoshita hi) was featured during the credits of Session XX of the acclaimed anime series Cowboy Bebop. The episode was only shown once, so the song was never featured in the "Cowboy Bebop" soundtracks.

Most noted in North America for their song '白いヤミの中' (The White Darkness), popularly known as 'Shiroi Yami no Naka', off of the single 'ビッグ・ブルー' (Big Blue) which was used in an anime music video entitled "Tainted Donuts".[1]

Tsutchie is a noted producer and DJ, having released two solo LPs, as well as a number of collaborative efforts. Perhaps the most notable of his collaborations is the duo "Ravolta", consisting of Tsutchie handling the production and Aiha of Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her on vocals. Their only full-length record, "Sky", was released by Skylarkin Records in 1998 in Japan, and features a cover of George Michael's song "Faith". He also worked on the music for Samurai Champloo and GANGSTA Anime.[2][3]


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