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Shakotan may refer to:

  • Shakotan, Hokkaidō
  • Shakotan District, Hokkaidō
  • Shakotan Peninsula
  • Shakotan (シャコタン) A shakotan car also known as low down style car refers to a style of zokusha (gang car in English) What differentiates a shakotan style of car from other zokusha such as grachan and yankee style is the clean body work instead of large body kits and flares (as it essentially means lowered car). It is a word that is often called "Zokusha" , which are often lowered, highly modified vehicles with extreme body modifications and long exhaust pipes sticking several feet from the car, and/or protruding from unlikely places. However, strictly speaking, The term Zokusha is often confused with bosozoku which actually translates to Violent running tribe, which is a style of Japanese motorcycle gang.