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Shakrain Festival (Bengali: সাকরাইন; also known as Kite festival and Ghuri Utsob) is an annual celebration in Dhaka, Bangladesh, observed with the flying of kites.[1] It occurs at the end of Poush, the ninth month of the Bengali calendar (January 14 or 15 in Gregorian calendar).[1] This day is known as Poush Sangkranti (Bengali: পৌষ সংক্রান্তি; End of Poush).

Shakrain Festival in one of the oldest annual festivals of Bangladesh. It's famous and a very important event in Bangladeshi culture. It is the symbol of unity and friendship in Bangladesh.[citation needed]


Shakrain is celebrated mostly around the southern part of Dhaka city.[1][2] As part of the celebration, colourful kites are flown high from the rooftops around the area in the afternoon.[1][3] It often takes the form of kite fighting, in which participants try to snag each other's kites or cut other kites down.[3]

When night falls, fireworks light up the sky of old Dhaka. Flame-eaters also gather on the roofs to entertain people with their skills of manipulating fire.[1]



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