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Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab (Pakistan)
District Rawalpindi
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Shakrial is situated at East-Southern side of District Rawalpindi. In the East it is linked to Kurri Road and Dhoke Kashmirian area, In the west it is linked to Chirah Road, In the north it is linked to Service Road and Sadiqabad area and in south it is linked to Islamabad Highway or G.T Road. Shakrial is a rapidly growing town in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It is divided into two main parts, Old Shakrial and New Shakrial. The native people of Shakrial are Qureshis. Other major clans are Maliks, Rajputs, Abbasis khans and Sattis. Every year in the summer season, people gather here for Urs. It is an urban area occupying the prominent position, as the Islamabad International Airport to Islamabad road is nearby. There is one central graveyard that is situated with Islamabad Highway or GT. Road known as Zia Masjid Qabirstan. Utilities like Gas, Electricity and Telephone are available in Shakrial. People working in Islamabads Government or Private institutions prefer to live in shakrial due to its geographical and economical benefits.

Mohalla Islam nagar[edit]

Mohalla Islam nagar is one of the mohallah is shakrial. This area comes under the Nazim Tariq Qureshi. Muhammad Afzal Khan is Chairman of Muhallah Islam Nagar Local Zakat Committee. The mohalla population is about 3000 people. There is one mosque in Mohalla Islam nagar Jamiam Masjid Farooq E Azama Education level is good in mohalla Islam nagar.

Professor Colony[edit]

Professor colony is the heart of the Shakrial due to its civilezed and sophisticated people living. Residentials of Professor Colony are higher educated and very hard worker with their professions. There are many famous political personalities living in Professor Colony.

Number Dar Asad ABBAS QURESHI, MALIK Asad RAHIM. Malik Amjad Rahim. QF-Foundation chairman Malik Ayyaz Mahmmood.

This is the land of love and harmony.

Mohallah Amir Hamza[edit]

Mohallah amir hamza is the most central part of shakrial. This mohallah name was derived from the Jamia Masjid Amir Hamze in 2003. Literacy rate of mohallah Amir Hamza is satisfactory. Most Popular Peoples of this area is Master Muhammad Asif & Muhammad Ahsan Gondal. Most of the population are Govt. sector employees.


Basic Education level is satisfactory in Shakrial. But unfortunately, there is not any Higher Education Government or Private college or University for the people of Shakrial. Nearest high school is Government Comprehensive High School and Government Hashmat Ali Islamia College in Dhoke Kashmirian Area.

Things to be done[edit]

Educational reforms[edit]

Education and oversight therein could be improved.


There is no playground or park in this area.


The town lacks a library.


There are lot of clinics in shakrial, but medical care could be expanded. the names of shakrial, s clenic are abbasi clenic, rathor clenic. there is lots of clenic but not of high quality.....

Coordinates: 33°38′N 73°06′E / 33.633°N 73.100°E / 33.633; 73.100