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Shakti Nagar is a neighbourhood situated along the G. T. Karnal road and near the main campus of University of Delhi, in the North district of Delhi. The Shakti Nagar colony, spread on both sides of the Inder Chandra Shastri Marg, came into existence in 1950. Comprising close to dwelling units, the colony is split into 39 blocks and has about 22 parks including the famous Nagia Park.[1]


Roshanara Bagh, Baradari and Tomb in Shakti Nagar.

Kamla Nagar is named after Kamala Nehru, a freedom fighter and wife of Jawaharlal Nehru . The neighbourhood rose to prominence after the erection of Ram Swarup Clock Tower on the Grand Trunk Road in 1941, and the construction of Jaipuria and Birla textile mills. It was also a stop of the erstwhile Delhi Tram Service. Later, it was developed as an affluent residential area in 1950s.

Shakti Nagar and its adjoining neighbourhoods were centre of political activity during the late British Raj and the first two decades after Independence. Freedom fighters and political personalities like Aruna Asaf Ali, Guru Radha Kishan, Bharatiya Jana Sangh General Secretary Kanwar Lal Gupta, Purshottam Goyal, Murari Lal Gupta Chharia and Shivcharan Gupta were active there.[1]

The Guru Hanuman Akhara was established here in 1925 by Guru Hanuman, is the oldest extant wrestling school in India. [2] Wrestlers like Dara Singh, Guru Hanuman, Satpal Singh, Bhupendra Dhawan and Maha Singh Rao trained in the akharas of the area. It was also a cultural hub after Independence with Gulzar, Santosh Anand and Manoj Kumar being active there during some part of their lives before becoming popular in Bollywood. Established in 1982 North Delhi Pathology Clinic an Accredited Medical Reference laboratory of national repute is situated in this area.

Neighborhood area[edit]

Kamla Nagar, Roop Nagar, Gulabi Bagh, Shastri Nagar, Rana Pratap Bagh, Ghanta Ghar[3] Nearby places of interest include the 17th century Roshanara Garden and the adjacent 19th century Roshanara Club in Shakti Nagar. Kamla Nehru Ridge Forest, which lies on the east of Kamla Nagar has historic monuments such as the Mutiny Memorial, Flagstaff Tower and one of the several Ashoka Pillars. Ram Swarup Clock Tower lies on the southern edge of Kamla Nagar. Delhi Vidhan Sabha and Viceregal Lodge of Delhi (now Vice Chancellor's Residence) are also nearby.

Nearest Metro Station[edit]

Vishwa Vidyalaya metro station Pul Bangash Metro Station [4] and Shastri Nagar metro station [5]

Bus service[edit]

  • on G. T. Karnal road

131, 125, 124, 116, 106, 144, 146, 149, 171, 174, 175, 193, 194, 129, 19, 19A, 19B, U-spl.[6]

  • on Inder chand shatri Marg

181, 234, 108,115, 142, 912, 816, 182A.[7]


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