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Shakti Singh
शक्ति सिंह
Born (1955-10-09) 9 October 1955 (age 60)[1]
Other names Shaktee Singh
Occupation Actor
Voice Actor
Spouse(s) Janhavi Singh
Children Mansee Singh
Shivani Singh

Shakti Singh (Hindi: शक्ति सिंह Śakti Sinha, born: 9 October 1955) is an Indian actor who performs on Television programs and a voice actor who specialises with dubbing foreign films into the Hindi language. Mostly Hollywood films. He also dubs for Bollywood films for certain Indian actors that have poor Hindi knowledge.

His first name is also translated from Hindi to English under the name as: "Shaktee Singh", alternatively.

Live action television[edit]

Program title Airdate Role Language Episodes Notes
Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi Mansukh Virani Hindi Aired on Star Plus
Crime Patrol Several Hindi Aired on Sony Entertainment Network
Byomkesh Bakshi Several Hindi 1 Aired on Doordashan
Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5/21/2012-Current Dayal Garg Hindi 155 Airs on Zee TV.[2]

Dubbing career[edit]

Shakti Singh had a well known career for dubbing foreign films, with mostly being Hollywood films. He has voiced over a total of much more than 50 films. Whenever he performed as a protagonist's voice or an antagonist's voice, Indian consumers can possibly recognise him by the sight of sound, but he is uncredited at the end credits for Hindi-dubbed foreign movies, due to having to modify the credits by adding in the Hindi dubbing staff, being at such high cost prices for theatrical releases.[3] For English-language films he has dubbed over several actors such as from Anthony Hopkins to Mel Gibson.[4] He is also said[according to whom?] to be the official Hindi dub-over artist for American actor George Clooney.

He also dubbed-over characters played by Indian actors for Bollywood movies, despite that the movies are already shot in Hindi, but due to the poor Hindi knowledge by some actors, Shakti has dubbed over for them, since the director couldn't allow them to use their real voices, due to the lack of the performers fluent Hindi language knowledge, since the actors that he dubbed over, weren't given the Hindi mother tongue language, when they were born. He has also dubbed Indian movies into Hindi that were originally done in a different Indian language, such as dubbing Telugu movies into Hindi.

Animated films[edit]

Year Film title Role Language Notes
1992 Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama Lakshmana Hindi An Indian-Japanese animated film.

Dubbing roles[edit]

Live action films[edit]

Animated films[edit]

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