Shala (river)

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Shala Valley.jpg
Physical characteristics
SourceOkol, Theth
 ⁃ locationShkodër County
 ⁃ coordinates42°25′18″N 19°45′29″E / 42.42167°N 19.75806°E / 42.42167; 19.75806
 ⁃ elevation950 m (3,120 ft)
MouthLake Koman
 ⁃ coordinates
42°12′5″N 19°49′1″E / 42.20139°N 19.81694°E / 42.20139; 19.81694Coordinates: 42°12′5″N 19°49′1″E / 42.20139°N 19.81694°E / 42.20139; 19.81694
 ⁃ elevation
175 m (574 ft)
Length36 km (22 mi)
Basin size269 km2 (104 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionDrinAdriatic Sea

The Shalë (definite Albanian form: Shala) is a river flowing inside the Albanian Alps in northern Albania. Its source is in the Albanian Alps, near the village Theth, close to the border with Montenegro. The Shalë flows generally south through the municipal units Shalë, Shosh and Temal. It flows into the Koman Reservoir, fed and drained by the river Drin, near the village Telum.

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