Shalimar, Lahore

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Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
City District Lahore
Union Councils
 • Type Tehsil Municipal Administration
The second level of the Shalimar Gardens Also known as the level of fountains

Shalimar (Punjabi, Urdu: شالیمار‎) is an administrative town (tehsil) in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.[1] It forms one of the 10 municipalities of Lahore City District.


Shalimar is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Lahore, located along the historic Grand Trunk Road. Settlement of this area dates back to the 15th century during the Mughul Empire. The town is named after the Shalimar Gardens, built by Emperor Shah Jehan in 1640. The Mela Chiraghan festival used to take place at Shalimar Gardens, until President Ayub Khan ordered against it in 1958. Shalimar was officially declared a township in 1962 and become a administrative town (tehsil) of Lahore City District in 2001.


Today Shalimar is a semi-commercial town, with the southern and western region being residential and the northern and eastern regions being commercial and industrial. It consists of 18 union councils.

  • Bhaghatpura (UC 15)
  • Gujjarpura (UC 16)
  • Rehmatpura (UC 17)
  • Begampura (UC 18)
  • Chah Miran (UC 19)
  • Bilal Bagh (UC 20)
  • Makhanpura (UC 21)
  • Kot Khawaja Saeed (UC 22)
  • Shad Bagh (UC 23)
  • Wassanpura (UC 24)
  • Faiz Bagh (UC 25)
  • Farooqganj (UC 26)
  • Crown Park (UC 33)
  • Madhu Lal Hussain (UC 34)
  • Muhammad (UC 35)
  • Baghbanpura (UC 36)
  • Angori Bagh (UC 46)
  • Mujahidabad (UC 47)



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