Shalivahan Singh Tomar

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Shalivahan Singh Tomar
DynastyTomaras of Gwalior
FatherRamshah Tanwar

Yuvraj Shalivahan Singh Tanwar was heir apparent and son of Ramshah Tanwar the Tomar king of Gwalior.[1] They were ousted by Akbar and sought refuge in Mewar which at the time was the only state who refused Akbar as head of state.

He, along with his father, Ramshah Tomar and 300 others including his brothers, were martyred in battle of Haldighati. Only one of his brothers survived and his descendants currently reside in Bikaner and Jaipur (Jodhpur-Khetasar and Kelawa).[2]


Tanwar Descendants of Sohan Singh s/o Anangpal Tomar of Delhi - ruler in the 12th century.

  1. Virsingh nearly A.D.1375
  2. Uddhharandev A.D.1400
  3. Vikramdev
  4. Ganapatidev A.D.1419
  5. Dugarendrasingh
  6. Kalyanmalla
  7. Mansingh Tomar A.D.1486
  8. Vikramaditya Tomar, fought against Babur
  9. Ramshah Tomar
    1. Shalivahan Singh Tomar, married a daughter of Udai Singh II of Mewar[3]
      1. Shyamshah Tomar, heir apparent to the Tomar throne of Gwalior, took service under Akbar after Maharana Pratap's demise in 1597 AD.[4]
      2. Mitrasen Tomar
    2. Bhawani Singh Tomar
    3. Pratap singh Tomar
      1. descendants in Bikaner-Lakhansar and Jodhpur - Khetasar few in Jaipur.


  1. Shyamshah Tanwar
  2. Mitarsen Tanwar
    1. Rao Dharmangat


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