Shall Noise Upon

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Shall Noise Upon
Studio album by Apollo Sunshine
Released August 5, 2008 vinyl and digital download
Genre Indie rock
Length 38:21
Label Headless Heroes
Producer Quentin Stoltzfus
Layout Design by Cody Hoyt
Apollo Sunshine chronology
Apollo Sunshine
Shall Noise Upon
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]
Pitchfork Media (8.0/10)[2]

Shall Noise Upon is the 2008 album by Apollo Sunshine. It was released on vinyl and digital download on August 5, 2008. A CD version followed on September 2.


The record, which went under 'Mysteries of the Old Soul' as a working title, was recorded during the summer of 2007 in the Catskill Mountains, in a "house inhabited by spirits" and located next door to the home of the original Uncle Sam.[3] Announcement of the finishing of the record was first announced on the band's website, where this message was posted:

The record is done! Much more info on that coming soon.

A more formal announcement was made on May 29 by, which officially announced the album's title Shall Noise Upon and the track listing. The album includes Drug Rug, Edan, Viva Viva, and White Flight as guests.[4]

Singles and soundtracks[edit]

  • The opening track, "Breeze", was featured near the end of the film Whip It, and appears on the movie soundtrack.
  • The song "We Are Born When We Die", appeared on the TV show Breaking Bad, during the 12th episode of the fourth season.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Breeze"
  2. "Singing to the Earth (to Thank Her for You)"
  3. "666: The Coming of the New World Government"
  4. "Shall Noise Upon"
  5. "Brotherhood of Death"
  6. "Happiness"
  7. "We Are Born When We Die"
  8. "The Funky Chamberlain (Who Begot Who)"
  9. "Wolf Frog White"
  10. "Money"
  11. "The Mermaid Angeline"
  12. "Green Green Lawns of Outer Space"
  13. "Honestly"
  14. "Coyote Hearing"
  15. "Fog and Shadow"
  16. "Light of the World"


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