Shall We Descend

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Shall We Descend[1]
Studio album by The Jelly Jam
Released Nov. 28, 2011
Recorded John's Studio and Alien Beans Studio
Genre Progressive rock
Length 48:23
Label Molken Music
Producer Ty Tabor
The Jelly Jam chronology
The Jelly Jam 2 (2004) Shall We Descend (2011)

Shall We Descend is the third album by progressive rock band The Jelly Jam. The album was released in compact disc format on November 28, 2011. An mp3 version followed two days later. At release, the album was available exclusively from Molken Music.[2][3]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by The Jelly Jam except as noted.

No. Title Length
1. "Who's Comin' Now" 4:27
2. "Stay Together" 4:28
3. "Halos in Hell" 6:30
4. "Same Way Down" (Ty Tabor) 5:22
5. "Barometric Reign" 4:58
6. "March of the Trolls" 4:15
7. "Questions" (John Myung and Ty Tabor) 2:35
8. "Shall We Descend" (Ty Tabor) 4:40
9. "Come Alive" 2:49
10. "Ten" 8:19



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