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Shalmi (or Shah Alami) is one of the largest markets in Lahore, Pakistan.

The "Shah-Alami Gate" is named after Mughal emperor Shah Alam I, son of Aurangzeb. Prior to his death, the gate was called the "Bherwala Gate". During the 1947 partition riots, the gate was burned. Today only the name survives. One of Lahore's biggest commercial markets, "Shah Alam Market" or Shalmi as locals call it, exists near the site of the gate. This is one of the 12 Doors of Lahore. Its location can be traced at the sidelines of Shah Alami Market, Lahore.


Before partition Shalmi was mostly a Hindu populated area with businesses owned by Hindus. During the 1947 partition riots Shalmi market was entirely burnt. Most of the Hindus fled to India because of this.


Shalmi market is near Mayo Chowk, Lahore. Mayo Chowk is next to Mayo Hospital gate. After arriving at Mayo Chowk a one-way traffic road leads toward the entrance of Shalmi Market. The place is very populated and has a small road. [1]


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