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Origin Finland Country flag
Genres Dark rock
Atmospheric rock
Years active 2000 - Present
Labels Spinefarm Records
Associated acts Hanging Garden
On Volcano
Scarlet Youth
Silent Scream
Members Minna Sihvonen
Kalle Pyyhtinen
Jukka Laine
Mikko Kolari
Matti Reinola
Past members Mika Tauriainen
Janne Jukarainen
Risto Ylönen

ShamRain is a Finnish band which plays slow, dreamlike music, also categorized as atmospheric rock music. They were established in 2000 by Janne Jukarainen and Matti Reinola.


  • Isolation (2011)
  • Goodbye to All That (2007)
  • Deeper Into The Night (EP/2006)
  • Someplace Else (2005)
  • ShamRain (EP/2004)
  • Empty World Excursion (2003)
  • Pieces (MCD/2002)

Shamrain also appears on the track 'Charlotte Sometimes' on album "Our Voices - a Tribute to The Cure" (2004)


  • Kalle Pyyhtinen - Guitars, keyboards
  • Mikko Kolari - Guitars
  • Matti Reinola - Bass guitar, keyboards
  • Minna Sihvonen - Vocals
  • Jukka Laine - Drums

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