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Whole view of Sham Tseng (from left to right, Lido Garden, Bellagio, Ocean Pointe, Garden Bakery factory)
Castle Peak Road in Sham Tseng
Sham Tseng Village (深井村)

Sham Tseng (Chinese: 深井; literally: "deep well") is a coastal area in Tsuen Wan District, Hong Kong, between Ting Kau and Tsing Lung Tau.


In 1982, the Government launched a new town project for the area. There were proposals for a massive housing scheme, where the population of the village, then estimated at 6,000, was set to increase dramatically to 50,000 people. There would be an additional 26,000 in public housing, Home Ownership Scheme flats, Government offices and other amenities constructed on 47 hectares of land.[1]

Starting in the 1990s, more and more private housing estates were built in the area for its spectacular view of Tsing Ma Bridge over Ma Wan Channel. It is linked to many other parts of Hong Kong by buses and mini-buses.

Villages and housing estates[edit]

Sham Tseng's villages are overshadowed and towered by new private housing estates:

  • Sham Tseng Village (深井村)
  • Sham Tseng East Village (深井東村)
  • Sham Tseng Kau Tsuen (深井舊村)
  • Sham Tseng San Tsuen (深井新村)
  • Sham Tseng West Village (深井西村)
Private Housing Estates



There are virtually no schools in the Sham Tseng area and so most students (primary and secondary) are sent to schools in Tsuen Wan.

There are three schools in Sham Tseng:


Factory of The Garden Company in Sham Tseng

Sham Tseng is home to baker Garden Company Limited and former home of San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong. The brewery operations began in the 1933 as Sham Tseng Brewery and became San Miguel in 1969. The brewery operations and head office moved in 1996. Bellagio (Hong Kong) now occupies the site of the old brewery.

Union Carbide once had a storage depot in the area, but it has since moved.

Small family restaurants make the bulk of the employment in the area. Most area residents work outside of Sham Tseng.

Tourist attractions[edit]

Anglers' Beach

To the north of Sham Tseng is an undeveloped hilly area. Tai Lam Country Park, a large park located northwest of Sham Tseng. There are nature trails along Butterfly River and Falls near Sham Tseng.

Numerous beaches are found at or near Sham Tseng from the waterways joining Ma Wan Channel and Rambler Channel, but most are so polluted and officially closed from swimming due to contamination from sewers and the Sham Tseng Nullah.[4] As a consequence, residents are more inclined to swim in pools located at their residential complexes.

A list of beaches in Sham Tseng:

  • Approach Beach (近水灣泳灘)
  • Anglers' Beach (釣魚灣泳灘)
  • Casam Beach (更生灣泳灘), in Ting Kau
  • Dragon Bay (青龍灣), in Tsing Lung Tau. Privately owned
  • Gemini Beaches (雙仙灣泳灘)
  • Hoi Mei Wan Beach (海美灣泳灘)
  • Lido Beach (麗都灣泳灘), in Ting Kau
  • Ting Kau Beach (汀九灣泳灘), in Ting Kau

Sham Tseng Temporary Market is a local produce market under the Sham Tseng Bridge flyover.

There are two retail malls located below residential flats to meet local needs:


Sham Tseng is famous for roasted goose and they can be found at various restaurants in the area:



  • KMB and Citybus (Hong Kong) operates bus routes that stop in Sham Tseng:
    • KMB 234C
    • KMB 234A / 234B / 53 / 52x
    • Citybus 962B
  • Taxis (red taxis serving Kowloon and Hong Kong Island and green taxis serving the New Territories)
  • Sham Tseng Link – a proposed bridge and highway linking Sham Tseng and Lantau Island; with connections with Route 3
  • Sham Tseng Ferry Pier (深井碼頭) – former ferry service to Ma Wan Town

Major roads in Sham Tseng include:

Local roads include:


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