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Album cover from Ritual, the most successful of the band.
Background information
Also known asShaman (2000–2004; 2007–2014; 2018–present); Shaaman (2005–2006)
OriginSão Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Years active2000–2014; 2018–2019
MembersRicardo Confessori
Luis Mariutti
Hugo Mariutti
Past membersAndre Matos

Shaman was a Brazilian progressive/power metal band assembled in 2000 by three musicians who left the band AngraAndre Matos, Luis Mariutti and Ricardo Confessori. The band was completed with guitar player Hugo Mariutti (Luis' younger brother – both of them also play in another band called Henceforth).

Shaman changed its name to Shaaman due to legal reasons, but the issue was solved and they renamed it back to Shaman.

In October 2006, Andre Matos officially left the band along with the Mariutti brothers.

Confessori reformed the band with a new line-up featuring Thiago Bianchi on vocals, Léo Mancini on guitars, Fernando Quesada on bass and Junior Carelli on keyboards. They recorded two albums as Shaman and did the touring cycles before Confessori decided to leave the recordings of a third album in which the rest of the band decided to move on with Hangar and former Angra drummer Aquiles Priester and use the name Noturnall instead of Shaman.

On June 29, 2018 Shaman announced a reunion of their original lineup to tour in celebration of their 17th Anniversary, which was interrupted with the unexpected death of the vocalist Andre Matos, on 06/08/2019 [1].


The band was formed in mid-2000, when musicians Andre Matos (Vocals, keyboards, ex-Viper), Luis Mariutti (Bass, ex-Firebox) and Ricardo Confessori (Drums, ex-Korzus) left the band Angra. At the time the band was assembled, they did not have a guitarist, so Hugo Mariutti (ex-Henceforth) was initially hired to assist in the compositions. Later they permanently integrated him into the band.

The name chosen for the band, Shaman, refers to the religious practice of shamanism, with the word "shaman" generally thought to be of Siberian origin.

They started an initial tour, which went through Europe and Latin America (specifically: France, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil). For live keyboards the band requested the help of musician Fábio Ribeiro (Blezqi Zatsaz, ex-Angra).

Mixing heavy metal, classical music and world music,[citation needed] the band started recording their debut album, entitled Ritual, in January 2002. The disc was entirely recorded in Germany, with the exception of a few tracks which were recorded in Brazil and the US. The production was managed by the producer Sascha Paeth, who also produced albums for Angra, Edguy, Rhapsody of Fire and Virgo and with co-production of Phil Colodetti.

Ritual was released in more than 15 countries.[citation needed] The World Ritual Tour lasted for one year and a half, touring in such places as: Brazil, Asia, Latin America and Europe. There were over 150 shows at that time, some presented twice in the same place.

During 2003, Shaman were among the first place slots for Brazil, with Ritual being awarded the best album of 2002 and 2004 by the readers of Folha de S. Paulo, a Brazilian newspaper.[citation needed] Later in 2004, the band opened for Iron Maiden's show in São Paulo, playing to an audience of over 45,000.[citation needed]

The band then recorded a live show in the Credicard Hall with the participation of several special guests such as Tobias Sammet, Marcus Viana, Andi Deris, Sascha Paeth, George Mouzayek and Michael Weikath. The show was then released on CD and DVD, entitled RituAlive. The engineering and mixing was done entirely at The Creative Studios in São Paulo, Brazil and the production was done by Phil Colodetti together with the Shaman members. According to director of Universal Music of Brazil, RituAlive is still the best DVD of its genre due to its quality and contents.[citation needed]

In 2005, with the second album almost completed and ready to release, they decided to rename the album to avoid a court hearing by another band. The band also decided to add an 'A' to its name as Shaaman. The name change occurred after another band named Shaman was consulted and specified that the meaning and pronunciation of the name were still the same.

In the following months, the new album, entitled Reason, was released. The result of Reason, which was mixed in Germany by the producer Sascha Paeth and recorded in Brazil by Phil Colodetti at Creative Studios, attempted to return the feeling and spirit of 80's heavy metal.[citation needed] Their first single, named "Innocence" from the Reason was played on radio stations and further split the official charts of the highest charting songs in Brazil.[citation needed] The video for the song also appeared on music TV channels.

Shaman then went on a hiatus which was confirmed on October 12, 2006, when a statement by bass player Luís Mariutti was released on the fansite For Tomorrow[permanent dead link] that "the band had called it a day."[2][3]

Ricardo Confessori, the only remaining member of Shaman, decided to continue the band with a new line-up. Later, in 2007, the album Immortal, was released.

In 2013, all members but Confessori formed a new band called Noturnall. On a 2014 interview, guitarist Fernando Quesada confirmed none of the members would return to Shaman.[4]

On June 29, 2018 Shaman announced a reunion of their original lineup to tour in celebration of their 17th Anniversary with two shows in Sao Paulo. After some weeks, a tour were announced for Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Fortaleza and Recife. They have toured until June 2, 2019, with Avantasia.

The tour was interrupted with the unexpected death of the vocalist Andre Matos, on 06/08/2019.


Current members
Former members
  • Andre Matos - vocals (2000-2006, 2018-2019; died 2019)
  • Thiago Bianchi - vocals (2007–2013)
  • Léo Mancini - guitars (2007–2013)
  • Fernando Quesada - bass (2007–2013)
  • Junior Carelli - keyboards (2012–2013)
Touring musicians
  • Fábio Ribeiro - keyboards (2000-2006, 2018-present)


Studio albums as Shaman[edit]

  • Shaman (Demo) (2001)
  • Ritual (2002) No. 101 French Charts # 80 Japanese Chats
    • Fairy Tale (single) (2002)
    • For Tomorrow (single) (2003)
  • Reason (2005)
  • Immortal (2007)
  • Origins (2010)

Studio albums as Shaaman[edit]

Live albums as Shaman[edit]


Music videos as Shaman[edit]

Music videos as Shaaman[edit]

DVDs as Shaman[edit]

  • RituAlive (2003)
  • Animelive (2008)
  • Shaman & Orchestra - One Live (2011)

Notable gigs[edit]


Ritual World Tour[edit]

01. Ancient Winds
02. Here I Am
03. Distant Thunder
04. Time Will Come
05. For Tomorrow
06. Nothing to Say (Angra)
07. Time (Angra)
08. Over Your Head
09. Fairy Tale
10. Ritual
11. Pride
12. Unfinished Allegro (Angra)
13. Carry On (Angra)
14. Living for the Night (Viper)

+ No More Tears (Ozzy Osbourne) and some other Angra songs

Reason Tour[edit]

01. Intro
02. Turn Away
03. Trail Of Tears
04. Distant Thunder
05. Time Will Come
06. For Tomorrow
07. Innocence
08. Reason
09. Be Free (Instrumental)
10. Drum Solo
11. Scared Forever
12. More
13. Fairy Tale
14. Ancient Winds
15. Here I Am
16. Lisbon (Angra)

+ Pride and Painkiller (Judas Priest)

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