Shambhunath Temple

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Shambhunath Temple
Sambhunath Temple,Saptari (3).JPG
The Shivalinga of Shambhunath
FestivalsBaishakh Purnima and Bada Dashain
Shambhunath Temple is located in Nepal
Shambhunath Temple
Shambhunath Temple in Nepal
Geographic coordinates26°38′N 86°40′E / 26.63°N 86.67°E / 26.63; 86.67Coordinates: 26°38′N 86°40′E / 26.63°N 86.67°E / 26.63; 86.67
Elevation78 m (256 ft)

Shambhunath Temple (Nepali language:शम्भुनाथ मन्दिर) is a famous Hindu temple in Eastern Nepal. The primary deity is Shiva. It is situated in the East West Highway section of Shambhunath, Saptari. This Temple is a main attraction for Nepal and Indian Pilgrims. People are likely to come here in the first month of the Nepali Calendar, Baishakh. During the month of the Baishakh people observed a month-long Mela.[1]


The temple holds great historical, cultural and religious significance in locale and neighbors area. The Shivalinga was founded in Chandrabhoga Gadhi and have been kept in same place.[2][3] The present structure of the temple was reconstructed in 1996. The six-foot-long Shivalinga was believed to be growing earlier, but currently it has stopped growing. In the western side of the temple complex ruins are placed which indicates that the settlement of Shivalinga is very old.[2]

Unlike other Shiva temples, locals sacrifice goats and pigeons here once their vows are fulfilled. People also offer brinjals to Shambhunath to get rid of warts.


Every year, thousands of pilgrims from Nepal, India and other countries visit Shambhunath Temple to worship the Shivalinga. During the festivals of Baishakh Purnima and Dashain, there is presence of even more worshipers.[4]


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