Shamil Asgarov

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Shamil Asgarov
Şamil Əsgərov
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Died(2005-04-20)20 April 2005
Scientific career
FieldsPoet, historian

Shamil Asgarov or Shamil Askerov[1] (Azerbaijani: Şamil Səlim oğlu Əsgərov, 1929,[2] Ağcakənd – 20 May 2005, Baku) was a Kurdish scholar, poet, and researcher on the history of the Kurds in Azerbaijan. He was the leader of Kalbajar's large Kurdish community,[3] owned a 30,000 book library of books about Caucasian Kurds and their history[4] and was the founder and former director of the Kurdish Museum in Kelbajar before that town was occupied by Armenian forces and the former population forced to flee in 1993.[5] He was also editor of the Kurdish newspaper Denge Kurd published from 1991 to 2004 in Baku, Azerbaijan.[6] Shamil Asgarov translated the classic Kurdish love story Mem and Zin into Azerbaijani and was the author of 17 other books[7] among them one, Ferhenge, a Kurdish-Azerbaijani dictionary, was published in 1999 with the support of the Soros Foundation.[5]

Shamil's son, Khalid, a photographer for Reuters, documented the tale of Asgarov's harrowing escape from Kelbajar during the Armenian attacks of spring 1993 on a 2017 radio documentary for the BBC.[8]

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