Shamkhalate of Tarki

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Shamkhalate of Tarki was a feudal domain in north-eastern part of Dagestan with its center in Tarki.

Shamkhalate of Tarki

It appeared at the end of 15th century on the territory inhabited by ethnic Kumyks, and was a feudal state of Tarki which also had its vassals in the area,[1] and remained the most influential feudal state in the eastern part of the Northern Caucasus until its abolishment in 1867.[2]

The Shamkhals also possessed the title of the Vali of Dagestan[3] and had his residence in the ancient Khazar-Kumyk mountainous shelter.[2]

Final annexation of the Shamkhalate of Tarki and other territories of Dagestan into Russia was done by the Treaty of Gulistan in 1813. In 1867 the Shamkhalate of Tarki was abolished, and on its territory there was formed Temir-Khan-Shura district of Dagestan.[4]


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