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Shamrock Shake
O'Grimacey Cup.JPG
McDonald's cup featuring Uncle O'Grimacey.
Owner McDonald's
Country United States
Introduced 1970

The Shamrock Shake is a seasonal green-dyed mint flavored milkshake dessert sold at McDonald's during March to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


The Shamrock Shake was first introduced in 1970.[1] Rogers Merchandising in Chicago created the shake. Initially, the shake was lemon/lime flavored with vanilla ice cream, lemon/lime sherbet, and vanilla syrup. By 1973, the shake was merely a green colored vanilla shake, eliminating the lemon/lime sherbet. Then in 1983, the shake added mint flavoring and today it is still a mint shake, consisting of mint ice cream base, vanilla syrup, and milk. James Byrne, the executive artist at the firm, used a family recipe for the shake.

Shamrock Shakes are sold at all American[2] and select Canadian stores during the months of February and March,[1] as well as in Ireland.[3]


During the 1980s, McDonald’s used the Uncle O'Grimacey character to market Shamrock Shakes, but has since phased it out.

In 1980, McDonald's introduced the Shamrock Sundae which consisted of vanilla ice cream topped with a mint green Shamrock syrup. The product was discontinued after one year due to poor sales.[2]

In popular culture[edit]

  • In The Simpsons episode Stop Or My Dog Will Shoot mentioned in the following exchange:
    • Chief Wiggum: "I miss Shamrock Shakes, but they ain't coming back till March."
    • Lou: "You know, Chief, Shamrock Shakes are just vanilla shakes colored green."
    • Chief Wiggum: "Well, I taste the flavor. It's a very mild mint."
    • Lou: "Well, maybe 'cause it's a minty color, your mind is fooling your tongue."
    • Chief Wiggum: "I know what I taste."
    • Eddie: "I gotta go with Chief on this one."
    • Lou (sarcastically): "Whoa, there's a big surprise."
  • In Bloodhound Gang song Mope referenced in line - Wrote to Mayor McCheese "Send a Shamrock Shake please!"
  • Jimmy Fallon bought over 100 Shamrock Shakes for audience members in 2011.[4]


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