Shams al-Din Juvayni

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Tekuder and Shams al-Din Juvayni.

Shams al-Din Juvayni, or Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Juwayni (died 1285) was a vizier and sahib-divan or minister of finance under three Mongol Ilkhans - Hulagu, Abaqa and Tekuder - from 1263 until his execution by Arghun Khan in 1285. A member of a Persian secretarial dynasty from northern Khurasan, Shams al-Din was the brother of the historian Ata-Malik Juvayni. Both brothers held influential positions in the independent khanate that Hulagu founded in Iran after the death of his brother Möngke Khan in 1259.

A skillful political and military leader, he is also known to have patronized the arts. Musician Safi al-Din al-Urmawi was one of those he supported. His wife Khoshak was the daughter of Awak Zak'arean-Mkhargrdzeli, Lord High Constable of Georgia, and Gvantsa, a noblewoman who went on to become queen of Georgia.

In 1285, Arghun accused Shams al-Din of having poisoned the Ilkhan Abaqa, who may actually died of the effects of alcoholism. Shams al-Din was duly executed and replaced as vizier by Buqa.[1]

Sharaf al-Din Harun Juvayni is one of his children.

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