Shamsuddin Muzaffar Shah

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Shamsuddin Muzaffar Shah (reigned 1490–94) was a sultan of the Bengal Sultanate. Sidi Badr first killed Habash Khan, the regent of the boy-king Mahmud Shah II, and later killed the sultan also. He ascended the throne under the title of Shams-ud-Din Muzaffar Shah. He is described by the Indo-Persian historians as a tyrant, whose cruelty alienated the nobles as well as his common subjects.[1] He was killed in 1494 by the rebels led by his wazir Sayyid Husain, who succeeded him as Alauddin Husain Shah.

Preceded by
Mahmud Shah II
Habshi dynasty of Bengal
Succeeded by
Alauddin Husain Shah,
Hussain Shahi dynasty

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