Shan United Revolutionary Army

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Shan United Revolutionary Army
Participant in the Internal conflict in Myanmar
Shan United Revolutionary Army flag.png
Flag of the Shan United Revolutionary Army
Active 1960 (1960)[1]–1996 (1996)
Ideology Shan nationalism
Leaders Mo Heng
Khun Sa
Yawd Serk
Headquarters Homong, Shan State
Area of operations Shan State
Part of Mong Tai Army
Became Shan State Army - South

Union of Myanmar

Battles and wars Internal conflict in Myanmar

The Shan United Revolutionary Army (Burmese: ရှမ်းပြည်နယ်တပ်ပေါင်းစုတော်လှန်ရေးတပ်မတော်; abbreviated SURA), was a Shan insurgent group in Myanmar (Burma), led by several drug warlords such as Khun Sa.[2]


The SURA had multiple factions, such as the "Tai Revolutionary Council" led by Moh Heng, a group which would merge in 1985 with Khun Sa's Shan United Army (SUA)[3] in order to create the Mong Tai Army with its base of operations in Homong.[4][5] In 1996 most of its soldiers disarmed, but a group of 800 soldiers were integrated into the newly formed Shan State Army - South by Yawd Serk.

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