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Gendermainly Male
Meaning'graced by God'
Region of originIreland
Other names
Related namesChayne, O'Shane, O'Shea, Séamus, Seán or Sean, Shaine, Shauna, Shawna, Shay, Shayna, Shayne

Shane is mainly a masculine given name. It is an Anglicised version of the Irish name Seaghán/Seán, which itself is cognate to the name John.[1] Shane comes from the way the name Seán is pronounced in the Ulster dialect of the Irish language, as opposed to Shaun or Shawn.

Shane is sometimes used as a feminine given name, derived not from the Irish name but from the Yiddish name Shayna, meaning "beautiful".

Shane is also a popular surname with the prefix "Mac", "Mc", or "O'", to form Anglicized Irish surname patronyms.[2] The surname was first recorded in Petty's census of Ireland (1659), which lists a Dermot McShane (i.e., Son of Shane).[3]

A variant forms include Chayne, O'Shane, O'Shea, Séamus, Seán or Sean, Shaine, Shauna, Shawna, Shay, Shayna, and Shayne.

The name Shane was popularized by Jack Schaefer's novel Shane (1949) and its eponymous 1953 movie adaptation, directed by George Stevens from a screenplay by A.B. Guthrie, Jr.

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Fictional characters[edit]


Word/nameNorthern Ireland
Other names
Variant form(s)McShane
  • The Shane Twins (b. 1967), twin brothers Mike and Todd Shane, professional wrestlers
  • Alex Shane (b. 1979), British former wrestler
  • C. Donald Shane (1895-1983), American astronomer
  • Doug Shane, president of The Spaceship Company, president of Scaled Composites and test pilot
  • Jackie Shane (1940-2019), American former soul and rhythm and blues singer and transgender pioneer
  • Paul Shane (1940–2013), English actor
  • Peter M. Shane (b. 1952), American law professor
  • Rita Shane (1936-2014), American operatic soprano
  • Tom Shane, founder of the Shane Company, the largest family-owned jeweler in the United States
  • William Rodger Shane (1935-2012), American politician

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