Lora Johnson

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Lora Johnson
Occupation Author
Period 1985–2007
Genre Christian Fiction, Science Fiction
Notable works Ice

Lora Johnson, formerly known as Shane Johnson, is an American author best known for the novel Ice, as well as several critically acclaimed and award-winning books.

Her list of work includes numerous Star Trek reference books including Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, the Star Trek:The Next Generation Technical Journal and Worlds of the Federation. She also authored the Star Wars Technical Journal and contributed to the canon of the Star Wars universe. She is an historian of US spaceflights and was a design consultant on HBO's From the Earth to the Moon mini-series.[1] She created the Virtual Alamo interactive online exhibit for the University of Texas at Arlington.

Gender transition[edit]

After suffering from severe and debilitating stress-related health problems that nearly ended her life, Johnson dropped out of the public eye in 2005 and in 2008 began official transition from male to female. She has also since had corrected all legal documentation to reflect her transition.[2]

Partial bibliography[edit]

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Her novel Chayatocha received the Best of 2003 award from Christian Fiction Review magazine.[3] Two of her novels, Ice, and The Last Guardian were also Christy Award finalists.[4][5]


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