Shang Shu (Jin)

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Shang Shu
Ruler of the State of Jin
Reign 785–781 BC
Predecessor Marquis Mu of Jin
Successor Marquis Wen of Jin
Father Marquis Xian of Jin

Shang Shu (simplified Chinese: 殇叔; traditional Chinese: 殤叔; pinyin: Shāng Shū), ancestral name Ji (姬), given name unknown, was the tenth ruler of the state of Jin during the Western Zhou Dynasty. After his elder brother, Marquis Mu of Jin died in 785 BC, he gained the throne of Jin which traditionally should be passed to the eldest son, namely Chou (仇). After Shang Shu ascended the throne, Chou was forced to leave Jin in fear of his uncle.

In 781 BC, Chou brought troops to Jin to overthrow Shang Shu, and he ascended as the next ruler of Jin, Marquis Wen of Jin.

Shang Shu
Cadet branch of the House of Ji
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Marquis Mu of Jin
Marquis of Jin
785–781 BC
Succeeded by
Marquis Wen of Jin