Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology

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Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology
Agency overview
Formed1 August 1961
TypeSpace agency
HeadquartersMinhang District, Shanghai, China [1]
Official languageStandard Chinese
Annual budget¥17.1 billion RMB
Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology
Simplified Chinese上海航天技术研究院
Traditional Chinese上海航天技術研究院
Hanyu PinyinShànghǎi Hángtiān Jìshù Yánjiùyuàn
Literal meaningShanghai Spaceflight Technology Research Academy
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese中国航天科技集团公司第八研究院
Hanyu PinyinZhōngguó Hángtiān kējì jítuán gōngsī dìbā yánjiù yuàn
Literal meaningChina Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Eighth Research Academy
Second alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese上海航天局
Hanyu PinyinShànghǎi Hángtiān Jú
Literal meaningShanghai Bureau of Spaceflight
former name
Simplified Chinese上海市第二机电工业局
Literal meaningShanghai Municipality Second Bureau of Electromechanical Industry

The Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST) is a Chinese space agency and subordinate of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), it is referred to as The Eighth Academy of CASC.[2] The agency was established in August 1961 as Shanghai Second Bureau of Electromechanical Industry, but was later renamed to Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology in 1993.[3]

Space flight programmes[edit]

SAST designs, develops, and manufactures launch vehicles as well as components. They designed and manufactured the Long March 2D, the entire Long March 4 series and FB-1 rockets. The FB-1 launched three military satellites, no details of which have been published. SAST was held responsible for the FB-1 failures between 1973 and 1981.[3]


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