Shanghai County

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Shanghai County
County of China
Location of Shanghai County
Location of Shanghai County on Shanghai.
 •  Established 1292
 •  Disestablished 1992
Today part of Part of the Minhang District

Shanghai County (simplified Chinese: 上海县; traditional Chinese: 上海縣; pinyin: Shànghǎi Xiàn), was a county located in south of Shanghai's Puxi districts until it was fully absorbed by Minhang District in 1992.


Shanghai County was originally a county surrounding Shanghai Municipality. Much of the northwestern section of the county got absorbed by the Puxi districts which the northeastern section was split into Chuansha County. In 1951 Shanghai was transferred from Jiangsu Province into Shanghai Municipality direct rule. On 22 February 1981 a strip of land west of the Huangpu River was split into Minhang District. By 26 September 1992 Shanghai County was dissolved by the formerly split Minhang District absorbed the remaining land of Shanghai County.


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