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Shanghai Daily (Chinese: 上海日报; Pinyin: Shànghǎi Rìbào) is an English-language newspaper in China started in October 1999 and owned by Shanghai United Media Group. Its primary audience is expats living in Shanghai, visiting foreigners, mainly overseas investors and tourists to Shanghai, and local white-collar workers proficient in English. Many Chinese students also read it to improve their English. It is the only English-language newspaper that is published seven days a week in Mainland China.[1]

The paper provides its readers with the latest information in Shanghai, from governmental policies, economy and society to culture, entertainment and sports.

In 2012, Shanghai Daily launched its iDealShanghai brand, aiming to offer its readers a complete range of lifestyle information in Shanghai and neighboring cities. As an independent site, iDEALShanghai offers a superior view of dining, shopping, touring and living in local communities. People can find authentic food reviews, understand art scene trends, and learn what is chic in local boutique stores among many other features.[2]

On August 1, 2017, Shanghai Daily rebranded itself[3] online as SHINE, a news offering targeted primarily at mobile users, providing an app and connecting with users on various social media platforms.[4]

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