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The Shanghai Defence Force was a tri-service military formation established by the British Government to protect European nationals and their property in Shanghai from Chinese nationalist forces during a period of tension in 1927.


Following the Xinhai Revolution in China in 1912 the country was divided between warlords. In January 1927 the British Concession in Hankou was invaded by nationalist forces undertaking their Northern Expedition which sought to unify China. Following a request from the Commander-in-Chief, China Station the Shanghai Defence Force was established under the leadership of Major-General John Duncan later that month amidst concerns that British lives and properties were at risk during the unrest in China at the time.[1] King's College was requisitioned to be the quarters and hospital for the Shanghai Defence Force from February to December 1927.[2] Royal Air Force China Command at Hong Kong was established to administer Royal Air Force units in the region.[1] Tension finally eased in August of that year[1] and troops were withdrawn towards the end of the year.[3]


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