Shanghai Indoor Stadium

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Shanghai Indoor Stadium
Shanghai Indoor Stadium
LocationXuhui District, Shanghai
OwnerShanghai East Asia Sports & Culture Center
Capacity10,000 (concerts)
12,000 (sports)

Shanghai Indoor Stadium, (simplified Chinese: 上海体育馆; traditional Chinese: 上海體育館; pinyin: Shànghǎi Tǐyùguǎn) also known as the Shanghai Grand Stage, is a multi-purpose gymnasium, in Shanghai.

Hailed as a great feat of engineering at the time of its construction, the building is now considered dated and out-classed by newly constructed sporting facilities nearby. It is now used for entertainment events and sporting competitions, like table tennis.


The Indoor Stadium is located close to Shanghai Stadium. The two facilities have very similar names in Chinese – the Indoor Stadium is literally called a "Sports Hall" (体育) while the Shanghai Stadium is called a "Sports Field" (体育) – while in English their names differ only by the addition of "Indoor". This has been a source of confusion, especially after the opening of Shanghai Metro Line 4 with adjacent stations of these names.

When serving as a concert venue, it is often referred to as Shanghai Grand Stage (Shanghai Gymnasium) (Chinese: 上海大舞台). It is also the venue for the annual Shanghai Masters snooker championship, a major event on the international snooker calendar.

Notable events[edit]

Concerts by international performers[edit]


Domestic, Asian & other events[edit]

Inside the stadium


Shanghai Indoor Stadium can be reached by taking Shanghai Metro Line 1 or Line 4 to the Shanghai Indoor Stadium station. The Caoxi Road Public Transport Hub as well as Caoxi Road Station, part of Metro Line 3, is located just to the south of it.


Coordinates: 31°11′0.10″N 121°26′0.78″E / 31.1833611°N 121.4335500°E / 31.1833611; 121.4335500